Featured Harp Guitar Player

July 2004

Heinrich Albert and the World's First Harp Guitar Quartet

by Gregg Miner

September 2004

Phil deGruy: Limitless Guitar

by Gregg Miner

October 2005

Italo Meschi, the Last Italian Troubadour

by Gregg Miner and Riccardo Sarti

February 2006

Michael Hedges 

by Nate Blaustein

  Updated October, 2008 by Frank Doucette and editor Gregg Miner


Chris Knutsen: Harp Guitar "Triple Threat"

by Gregg Miner

December 2006

Neil G. Christian: The Harpguitar: Its History and Its Only Practitioner

(from Guitar Player, March, 1976)

February 2007

Italo Meschi Revisited
New Photos and Information!

May 2007

Mario Maccaferri,
Concert Harp Guitarist

by Gregg Miner

December 2007

Pasquale Taraffo
The World's Greatest Harp Guitar Virtuoso

by Franco Ghisalberti & Gregg Miner

July 2008

Albert Shutt and the Mando-Bass-Harp-Guitar

by Gregg Miner

October  2008

Michael Hedges, Revisited

  Updated October, 2008 by Frank Doucette and editor Gregg Miner

March 2009 Geoffrey Sisley, Contra-Guitarist

From B.M.G. Magazine, May, 1962

bmg-belloni-s.jpg (30202 bytes)
May 2009 Tullio Giulietti and Sons

by Roger Belloni
Presented in English and Italian

giulietti,tullio-belloni.jpg (67272 bytes)
February 2012 George Dudley, America’s Most Famous Unknown Harp Guitarist

by Gregg Miner

dudley-t.jpg (25594 bytes)
February 2013

Black Harp Guitar Players

by Gregg Miner
Updated June, 2019

todd_jones-mariner_pub-300.jpg (73571 bytes)
March 2013 James Reese Europe and the Clef Club Orchestra

by Gregg Miner

todd_jones-mariner_pub-300.jpg (73571 bytes)
August 2013 Roy Butin, Revealed!

by Gregg Miner

RoyHButinPublicityShot-stephens-s.jpg (50733 bytes)
January 2014

The Harp Guitar of Boris Perott

by Gregg Miner

thumb330.jpg (32640 bytes)
September 2014

Phil deGruy, Revisited!

by Gregg Miner

degruy,2014-miner.jpg (78493 bytes)
April 2015

The Legacy of the Cera Brothers

by Gregg Miner

cera14-ihs_small.jpg (71644 bytes)
September 2015 So who exactly IS Brin Addison and why is he suddenly Harp Guitarist of the Month?

by Gregg Miner

January 2016

Vardon, Perry and...Wilbers?

by Gregg Miner

casey_trio-cadenza,1,1918-miner-s.jpg (52501 bytes)
January 2017

Søffren Degen

by Thomas Nielsen

September 2018

A Short History of the Modern Arch Guitar

by Gregg Miner

ws4.jpg (318454 bytes)
June 2019 Emilio and Emily Calamara: A Tale of Two Musicians

by Sheri Mignano Crawford

article.jpg (190494 bytes)
April 2020 Vardon, Perry and...Wilbers? 
The Book!
article.jpg (190494 bytes)
November 2020 The James Shaw Family: A Hawaiian Musical Dynasty
February 2021

The Invincible Four

June 2021 Mario Maccaferri, Revisited! macc_w,type3-wright-s_small.jpg (7756 bytes)
March 2022 Carl W. F. Jansen, Early America’s Premiere Harp Guitarist
December 2023 America’s Harp Guitar Playing Evangelist Preacher Southern Gospel Singers gospel-t.jpg (73523 bytes)


I continue to work on several long-term Historical Player Features for the coming year(s). Meanwhile, if anyone has a favorite contemporary player they would like to interview and do a story on, please free to contact me. Surely everything has not yet been written on all these musicians (or do they have all the P.R. they need?)!  Thanks! Gregg Miner


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