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I cannot keep up with the increasing amount of harp guitar players out there!

Please refer to the Players page for the most up-to-date list.


I have a hard time keeping up with all the new luthiers building harp guitars!

Please refer to the Luthier page for the most up-to-date list.


Harp Guitar Music (where else?  It is the only instrument stocked and since opening in 2006, has sold more than anyone out there!)

The following dealers have vintage harp guitars from time to time:

Bernunzio Vintage Instruments

Elderly Instruments

Lorenzo Frignani

Gruhn Guitars

Intermountain Guitar & Banjo

Pamela's Music

Players Vintage Instruments (Lowell Levinger)


Sinier de Ridder

Strings & Supplies


Harp Guitar Music (where I keep stocked the most common, readily-available steel and nylon sub-bass strings)

Curtis Daily of Aquila Strings
P. O. Box 82761
Portland, OR 97282-0761
(503) 788-5029
(503) 788-5029 (fax)

Gamut Strings
(888) 724-8099
(218) 724-8011 (fax) or website:

E. & O. Mari, Inc.
La Bella Strings
P. O. Box 869
Newburgh, NY 12550-0869
(800) 750-3034

Thomastik-Infeld (7 & 9 bass traditional "Kontragitarre" sets)


Stewart-MacDonald (Various brands like 5-Star and Waverly)

LSR Precision Tuners (Gearless Tuner, tuning Ratio 40:1) ("High Ratio Banjo Tuner for Banjo or Guitar" with ratio of 16:1.  Also a much less expensive "Banjo Style Tuning Key for Guitar", 14:1 ratio.) (Steinberger 40:1)


MIMO (searchable, illustrated database of many of Europe's finest instrument collections) (Frank Ford's excellent "museum" photo archives include many harp guitars)

Rainer Krause Collection of Antique Guitars - Rare - Curious Musical Instruments (a new web site, with more to come!)

The Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic & Just Plain Unusual Musical Instruments (the collection of Gregg Miner, editor of this site, includes many harp guitars and related instruments) 


Larsons Creations (Robert Hartman's web site covers all Larson instruments, including Dyer and other harp guitars)

Multi-Bass 7-string, 8-string, 10-string and 19th Century Harp Guitars (Nice article from Early Romantic Guitar player and historian Len Verrett)

Heinrich Albert and the First Guitar Quartet (by Allan Morris)

Polyhymnion This is a site that discusses the tradition of the Russian torban - an instrument similar to the harp guitar. Fascinating photos and history!

Jazzgitarren This marvelous site is a treasure trove of ultra-rare German archtops. Also includes a few German (and other) harp guitars.

International Guitar Research Archive This astounding collection of historical guitar music and literature resides in the Special Collections of the Oviatt Library on the campus of California State University, Northridge.

Guild of American Luthiers (back issues of American Lutherie Journal available)

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