Marvelous Mozzani!
The Incredible Harp Guitars of Luigi Mozzani
by Gregg Miner



Mozzani Iconography

For many other photos of Mozzani players, see Iconography: Mozzani

Additional Sources

< Mozzani: Un liutaio e la sua arte, by Giovanni Intelisano was the definitive source book until 2010. Copies are extremely difficult to locate, as the book has long been sold out. 

> Luigi Mozzani: Life and Works, by Giovanni Intelisano, with Lorenzo Frignani is updated with mostly new material, in both Italian and English.  It is an absolutely indispensable book.

Bologna violin scholar Roberto Regazzi helped create "The Sound of Bologna," a 2002 exhibition on the violin makers of Bologna (Exhibit book available here). One of these was Claudio Gamberini (1895-1965 [or 1948?], Cento), who also headed the plucked string division at Mozzani's combined "laboratory-school" around 1930.

This article on Mozzani was written in 1939, appearing in ETUDE, April, Vol LVII, # 4, from the site of Robert Coldwell.

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