Marvelous Mozzani!
The Incredible Harp Guitars of Luigi Mozzani
by Gregg Miner

Chapter 8: Mozzani's Music


This is a topic that should be addressed by one of the many classical or early guitar scholars, as I have neither studied nor played this repertoire.

There appears to be controversy surrounding Mozzani's most famous piece, Feste Lariane (here is an available arrangement of it in PDF format). Guitar music scholar Matanya Ophee published a lengthy research paper here, seemingly showing that the piece was copied from a nearly identical piece (with notation of the earlier piece as evidence). 
Regardless of whether Mozzani "wrote" it, or merely embellished it and made it famous as his own, a large number of performers have recorded it. Here are a few random examples:

In 1995, Angelo Gilardino edited Luigi Mozzani: Opere per Chitarra (The Guitar Works of Luigi Mozzani), which was published by Edizioni Musicali Bčrben.

And here's an interesting message from Angelo Gilardino about a piece by Respighi written for Mozzani.

In January, 2005, Italian guitarist Simona Boni, a performer/musicologist presented the world premiere of Mozzani's "opere per chitarra" on CD (on a Mozzani chitarra-lyra that belonging to Mozzani-disciple Sara Stegani).
UPDATE: In 2010, the wonderful new Italian/English Mozzani book was published.

It includes a CD with historical recordings of both Mozzani and Maccaferri, along with modern musicians performing some of his music, or on some of his instruments.


I also have better recordings of Mozzani from the 78 collection of Franco Ghisalberti.  They are available to hear in the Members Only Section.

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