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dyer_cat_cover-hgf.jpg (110125 bytes) scherzer_guitarrenharfe_bw.jpg (20443 bytes) clef_club-mhs-540.jpg (86701 bytes)
c.1906 Dyer catalog The entire past, present and future of super-trebles The never-before-seen Petzval-Scherzer Guitharfe! Harp Guitars in James Reese Europe's Clef Club Orchestra "Harp Guitar": What's in a Name?
Gregg Miner's definitive organology presentation

Rare Giulio Giulietti Recordings The Gibson Story, Julius Bellson's ground-
breaking book (portions)
1918 Gibson Harp Guitar Music Folio 1900's Tutor for Basslaute or Bassgitarre Rare Mozzani Recordings

Rare Mozzani Chitarra Lyra Instruction Booklet

  Albert Shutt and the Mando-Bass-
Dyer Harp Guitars in the BMG Magazines: An Illustrated History A video clip of harp guitar virtuoso Pasquale Taraffo! The Harp Guitars of Mario Maccaferri

Mario Maccaferri's Columbia Recordings

Harp Guitar Timeline: 300 years of significant events Ultra-rare c.1906 Gibson Harp Guitar Brochure Rare Tim Donahue Video Clip


The Miner Museum Acquires Important Rare Specimens - and harp guitarists Stephen Bennett and Andy McKee happen to be in town...

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