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Books with Knutsen or other relevant information:

From Harp Guitars to the New Hawaiian Family: Chris J. Knutsen
by George T. Noe & Daniel L. Most
Noe Enterprises, 1999

Guitars and Mandolins in America: Featuring the Larsons' Creations
by Robert Carl Hartman
Maurer & Co., 1984, 1988

The Larsons' Creations: Guitars and Mandolins
by Robert Carl Hartman
Centerstream Publishing, 1996

Acoustic Guitars & Other Fretted Instruments: A Photographic History
by George Gruhn & Walter Carter
GPI Books, 1993

Vintage Guitars: the Instruments, the Players, the Music
edited by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
String Letter Publishing, 2001

The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and its Great Hawaiian Musicians
by Lorene Ruymar
Centerstream Publishing, 1996

 The Ukulele: A Visual History
by Jim Beloff
Miller freeman Books, 1997

The Chinery Collection, 150 Years of American Guitars
by Scott Chinery with Tony Bacon
Published in the UK by Balafon Books, 1996


The Ukulele Occasional issue 2: Harp Ukuleles

American Lutherie No. 69 2002: Prepare to Meet the Maker: Kerry Char

American Lutherie No. 34 1993: A New Look at Harp Guitars

American Lutherie No. 29 1992: Harp Guitar: That Extra-String Thing

Acoustic Guitar May 2003: Reviving a Classic: The harp guitar makes a comeback

Acoustic Guitar January 1996: 'Born Again: Unraveling the mysteries of the Weissenborn steel

Frets September 1988: Harp Guitar Renaissance

Frets November 1979: Harp guitar, Hybrid with a Heritage


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