Pasquale Taraffo
The World's Greatest Harp Guitar Virtuoso

by Franco Ghisalberti & Gregg Miner

Last Update: May, 2020

Pasquale Taraffo:
The Paganini of the Guitar

6 parts, presented in English and Italian

In the Members Only Section
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An incredible film clip of Taraffo performing!

NOTE: My 1-minute video clip is a custom edit of THREE different takes and camera views of Taraffo's performance. It remains offline until a volunteer Streaming Expert is found.

Meanwhile, a new copy of ONE of these performance takes was found and is now available on YouTube from member GoodOldDays.

The Harp Guitars of Settimio Gazzo
and Other Genoese Luthiers

Featuring an incredible gallery of specimens and rare historical photographs

New! Secrets of Taraffo, our half-hour documentary on his remarkable techniques!
Released March, 2016
2010 Genoa Trip Report

Special 15-part Blog

2012 Genoa Trip Report

Special 14-part Blog

2015 Genoa Trip Report

Special 4-part Blog

2017 Genoa Trip Report

Special 4-part Blog

Another Exclusive!
From Christian Saggese, the world’s first modern recordings to re-create the full magnificence of Taraffo’s playing:
Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo: Pietro Mascagni) Norma (Overture, Act 1: Vincenzo Bellini)
Stefania (Taraffo) Sonatina in A Major (Taraffo)
And his debut harp guitar live performance

This feature section is presented to the public through the kind generosity of Franco Ghisalberti, who chose as the venue to archive for prosperity this wealth of information on the great Taraffo.  Other generous contributors include: Giorgio De Martino, Simona Ravano, David Hallworth, Enrico De Filippi, Gianni Accornero, Adrano Chierchini, Fabrizio De Ferrari, Giorgo Ferraris, Alberto Giordano, Patrizia Conti, Director of the Conservatory Nicolo Paganini, Ugo Moltedo, Danilo Gosti, Beppe Gambetta, Jeff Titus, Benoit Meulle-Stef, and Fabrizio Giudice.

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