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By Jean Cammon Findlay, as part of The Knutsen Archives

These snapshots of the Port Townsend houses were all taken in late winter/early spring 2000.
Without researching the abstracts on these properties, I can't say for certain these houses are as old as the dates that the Cammens and Knutsens lived in them.

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Anna bought this gray one-story house on May 25, 1888 and she and Chris sold it 15 August 1889. It adjoins the Anton Cammen property on the north, Lots 6 & 8 of Pettygrove's First Addition, Port Townsend, WA.
I presume the shed part on the right is a later addition to the original house. The chimney looks modern, too.
The present address is 835 J Street, Port Townsend, WA.

This gray two story house is Rose NW corner 3rd (H St today used to be 3rd).
This is the location where Chris and Anna lived according to R. L. Polk & Co.'s City 1890 Port Townsend City Directory.
The present address today is 907 Rose St., and this house adjoins Anton's property on the east.
This house looks more modern to me than the other two. They probably rented, as Dan Most and Tom Noe pointed out they couldn't find any records of Chris owning property.

antonshouse1.jpg (56558 bytes) antonshouse2.jpg (45499 bytes)
This red house is the one Anton and Edwardina bought May 24, 1888, and which Edwardina sold December 20,  1901.
This is Lots 5 & 7 in Block 11 of Pettygrove's First Addition, Port Townsend, WA. The older part of the house
is the back part and is dated by the chimney design (best seen from side view). The front half is newer, a house which was moved to the site and connected to the older house with a roof. The two houses are about 12 feet
Chris and Anna were living here with her mother, Edwardina, in 1900 when the federal census was taken.
The present address is 934 H Street.

We actually talked to the present owner of Anton's house and he told us all about the well outside the kitchen window (which apparently was dry and then subsequently used as a garbage dump), and the foundation of the old barn, gone now, and so on. He was the one who pointed out the difference in the chimneys and explained how two houses had been joined together.
The person living in Chris' 1890 house didn't know anything about the history of that house and had not lived there very long.
No one was home at Chris and Anna's first home.

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