Organology: Harp Guitar "Relatives"

Note to the casual reader or researcher: This Reference Gallery features historical instruments that are not harp guitars, but “relatives” or distant “cousins” – presented on for historical and organological comparison.

Lutes with Diapason Strings
by Gregg Miner

Note: There is currently no organological term that covers all the various lutes with diapason strings. At one time, many (myself included) used the generic term "arch-lute" - a term now reserved for a specific historical instrument. So, much like early harp guitars, they had (and still do not require) any general term to denote floating string configuration (as opposed to fully-fretted configuration).  Nor is this the site to propose such an idea (though you probably know my opinion!).  Regardless, these instruments undoubtedly influenced and inspired the development of harp guitars.  This is just a small sample below.

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Baroque lute, 17th century


theorbo-lute, c.1600


swan-neck Baroque lute




chitarrone popolare

Anon Tieffenbrucker

Basslute, 1595




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