Harp Guitar Form 2c
by Gregg Miner

Additional Neck harp string attachment, Headstocks are a single-formed piece.
The appearance is not one of "joined" headstocks - instead, a single custom shape or structure connects the two necks.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars."
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Almcrantz, 1895, Pat #542,788 Bay State, c.1894 from Washburn catalog, c.1897 Unknown, c.1899 Unknown

Bruno & Sons, c.1912
Note that this has 12 strings on the neck, with 4 single basses - so it is a 10-course, 16-string instrument.
Additional images 1
Additional images 2
This unusual specimen is also a 12-course instrument with 16 strings, but with a twist!  It has 6 single basses and the high two courses on the neck are not doubled.  Note the carving and tuner array.  The 2 tailpieces are add-ons.
Additional images 1
Additional images 2
"The Tosi Music Company, 63 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass"
(another unique 12-strings on the neck)
Unknown Unknown Hartman Bros. & Reinhard, New York, c.1900

Jenkins, 1902 (Harwood)
8 sub-bass
"Harwood," c.1900
12 sub-bass
"Harwood," c.1900
12 sub-bass
"Harwood," c.1900
9 sub-bass, oval holes
Additional images
"Harwood," c.1900
6 sub-bass
Harwood? c.1900
12 sub-bass
See also Harwood Special Feature

Gould, 1911

More great photos at

"Stella," c.1920 "Sovereign," c.1920 Oscar Schmidt, c.1915 House of Stathopoulo, 1910
Additional images
More information at The Vintage Collection at

Bohmann, c.1892-1895 Bohmann, c.1895 Probably Bohmann, 1890's
See The Harp Guitars of Joseph Bohmann

Additional images
1  2
Weymann Gindlesperger (att) Shutt, c.1912

Larson Larson (per Hartman) Truax, 1907 (Larson-made? Hartman says no, Meulle-Stef and I say likely) Stahl, 1912

Tieri, c.1910 Tieri ? (restored by Tieri) Unknown

(believed to be Italian-American)


Clearly the same maker, played by Salvatore de Natale from 1920-1938.
Courtesy of Sheri Mignano Crawford, "Mandolins, Like Salami"

Iucci, New York,
c. 1930

Additional images

More great photos at


(Country of origin unknown)

Adams, Dwight, IL, c.1900 Unknown


(American Mandolin Club, c.1900


(Minneapolis Mandolin Club, 1897)


(Mystic Mandolin Club)

Unknown Henry Tabbert, 1900
The label reads:
Made By
Henry G. Tabbert
Maker of
Mandolins and Guitars
Dec. 31, 1900
Cleveland, Ohio

     Austrian / German



Label reads:
Johann Georg Stauffer, 1852, Landstr.572



Scherzer, 1856?


The label appears to read "1836" though it must be "1856" - the support rod is missing also

Scherzer, 1861


Scherzer copy by Gary Southwell






Additional Scherzer models below

Raab Bittner, c.1860

Additional images

Arkhuzen, Moscow, late 1800s

Arhuzen, Moscow (spelling varies)
Additional images

Schenk (built for Ivan Padovec), c.1841
Instrument now owned by the Croatian Institute of Music, and is displayed in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. (thanks to Mirko Orlic)
Unknown Unkown, c.1860
(collection Brigitte Zaczek)
Carl Hansel, 1842?, Dresden J. Schmidbauer, Regensburg

Zimmermann, Leipzig, 1899
Zimmermann, c.1900
Zimmermann, St. Petersburg, c.1904
(right specimen is a Russian harp guitar: 4+7)
Eroshkin, Russia

Enzensperger, Bernard I,

Enzensperger, Bernard II, pre-1900 J. Ch. Detmering, Hamburg

Fritz Strobel, Klingenthal, 1930s

Volkmar Scherzer, Markneukirchen, 1930s Wilhelm Kruse, Markneukirchen, 1937 Schlägel, Markneukirchen, 1932 Eduard Heidegger A. Kellerman, Cologne F. X. Kerschensteiner, Regensburg,1898 C. Stöhr, St. Pölten, Austria

Anton Hüller
The label inside reads: "Anton Hüller Graslitz K& K Hoflieferant und Kammerlieferant Seiner K u. K Hoheit des hochw. durchlauchigsten Herrn Erzherzog Eugen v. Österreich"(Austria)
Josef Müller Konigs Walthari

Max Amberger, München Fritz Harich, Austria, new Scherzer copy by Leo Sprenger Hopf, 1951 Friedrich Aug. Hammig, Markneukirchen

Mettal, 1934

Which Gallery to place this in?  The two necks are joined as one solid neck!

Ludwig Reisinger, Vienna
Hauser, Munich, 1913 Oscar Glaesal, Markneukirchen, c.1920 Schuster Brothers (Gebrüder Schuster) Markneukirchen, 1920s Wunderlich, Carl Anton, 1938, Siebenbrunn (near Markneukirchen) Neuner & Hornsteiner, Mittenwald Anton Volkmann Pavel Zalud, Terezín, Czechoslovakia, c.1900

Josef Stecher, Salzburg Otto Schneider, new G. A. Pfretzschner Pergold (a division of Kurt Gropp Musical Instrument Co), Leipzig, 1954
(from a rare catalog courtesy of jazzgitarren)

Adolf Schlesinger, Vienna

Meinel & Herold Meinel & Herold, 1940 Hauser, Munich, 1917

Tannhauser Wiroso-Röthner Leo Sprenger, modern M. Simon, Mittenwald Chiara

Scherzer, 1860

Additional images
Modern Scherzer adaptation by Bernhard Kresse Josef Swosil, Vienna, 1879 (built for Anton Strommayer of the Schrammel Quartet) Geipel, Marie?

Ludwig Reisinger, Vienna
Ludwig Reisinger, Vienna
Ludwig Reisinger, Vienna
Franz Nowy, Vienna Franz Angerer, Vienna August Dworan, Vienna, 1908 A. Wolfsecker

Franz Nowy J. Anton Staufer?
The instruments above offer an intriguing puzzle. The Nowy is represented in a group of several different Vienese-style models shown in photographs of unknown vintage and provenance.  The alleged Staufer - dated 182X - is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.  There is also a Georg Staufer terz size guitar with a second label designating restoration by Franz Nowy in the early 1900s.  Who made these two instruments with the strange 6-on-side main tuners?  Additionally, Franz Nowy appears to have been, or become more of a factory (at least until 1950) that did many instrument repairs.

Josef Wesely, Vienna M. Nowy, Vienna, 1922 Otto Mostböck, Vienna 1925 Josef Prisner, Vienna, 19--
Additional views

Matthäus Bauer

Carl Stöhr, St. Pölten, Austria

Ludwig Reisinger Hans Raab, Munich, c.1900 Franz Hilanj, Wels, Austria

Georg Haid, Vienna, 1925 Josef Obrecht, Vienna 1936 Fritz Harich, Austria, new


Hauser, 1924 Hauser Schuster, 1824 
(birth date?)
Hans Fürst Jacob, 1940 Paul Kochendörfer, Stuttgard, 1914

Ernest Hess Adlof Hornsteiner, Mittenwald Johannes Adler, Markneukirchen, c.1933 Schuster Brothers (Gebrüder Schuster) Markneukirchen, 1920s Brückner, Markneukirchen Otto Body, Innsbruck, c.1880

GEWA, Mittenwald, 1960 Sinfonia, Markneukirchen Musik-Union, Vienna J. Kunzmann, Munich L. Langecker, Munich  Ignaz Mettal, Schönbach (Bohemia), c.1900


Hubert Heerbeck Adolf Meinel Josef Forg, Munich, 1930 L. Langecker, Munich F. Moser, Düsseldorf Erich Rauschmayr Helmut Buchsteiner, 1985

Walter Hoyer Hopf Max Gottsmann, Markneukirchen Horst Dietrich Anton Brawer, 1863 Karl Schandl, Mittenwald

Rudolf Wohltat (or Wohlfahrt?)
Odrau, East Sudetenland (built in what became Czechoslovakia, and is now split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Additional images

A. Biancato, Belgium, 1900

Label reads:
 "A. biancato


114 rue de la marlière

Reinhold Geipel, Fleissen, Bohemia Geipel Paesold, Bohemia, pre-1918 Paesold, Bohemia, pre-1918 Unknown, Mittenwald, c.1890

         Wappen Form (shield-shaped)

Scherzer Wurzelholz Karl Müller, 1904 Unknown Unknown

J. P. Jerusalem
courtesy of the Hartenberger World Music Collection of Historical Instruments
Heinrich Fuchs, Munich Halbmeyer
More great photos at

Heinrich Fuchs, Munich, 1924 Raab Raab Schuster Schuster Karl Müller Otwin (Otto Windisch), Markneukirchen, 1909 

Max Amberger, Munich, c.1900

Braun & Hauser, Munich, c.1913 Hermann Hauser I, c.1909 Heinr. Moritz Schuster, Markneukirchen F. X. Kerschensteiner, Regensburg, 1935? Unknown Unknown

Zimmermann, Leipzig, 1899 Zimmermann, St. Petersburg, c.1904 Anton Bauer, Linz, Austria, c.1903


C. Candi, Genoa,  c.1910
Chitarra con due manici"
Unknown, Naples Unknown Unknown (Italian?)

     Swedish, Danish

Otto F. Selling, c.1850-1875 Otto F. Selling, c.1850-1875 Signed C.H. Klingberg, 1886"
Very likely a repairman's label, and this is a Selling
Selling, or copy? Anders Thomsen, c.1964, Copenhagen, Denmark


Anfossi, France, 1923
Patent # 552,532


Benoît Meulle-Stef, Belgium, 2006 Benoît Meulle-Stef, Belgium, 2009



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