Harp Guitar Form 1b
by Gregg Miner

Theorboed Headstock harp string attachment,
Extension is supported with a rod of metal or pillar of wood.

NOTE TO RESEARCHERS:  Please understand that many of the instruments on this page were not originally referred to as "harp guitars."
To understand why they are classified as such today, it is imperative that you first thoroughly read and comprehend the site author's thesis.

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Hansen, 1891,
Pat #459,932
Dahlman, 1892, Pat #469,548 Dahlman, c.1890s Dahlman/Akeson, c.1890s Nordwall, 1901, Pat #D34,476


More great photos at

Martin Weymann

Additional images

Gibson, c.1903 Gibson, c.1908 Gibson, c.1911

More great photos at

Gindlesperger (att)

Additional Image

24.5" wide!


When this finally showed up on EBay, it proved to be a stunning instrument.  My guess is that it's an Italian maker (built in America).

Additional Image 2 3 4


(appears homemade, though with some nice features)

See also Gibson Harp Guitars

The previous "theorboed with rod support" form on the Gibsons is bordering on becoming a Form 5 ("harp frame"), as is the next instrument, and some modern instruments at bottom.

     European, various

Unknown, 1800-1825
(Andreas Michel, Leipzig Museum postulates German)
Same instrument, illustrated

Lundfred Lund, c.1840, Copenhagen, Denmark A. Ramqvist, Sweden, 1897 H. Levin, Sweden, 1934 H. Levin, Sweden String length 63cm, width 48.5cm
c.1920, provenance unknown

Enrico Marchetti of Milan, made in Turin in 1884
Additional images
Giuseppe Scanzoni, 1895, Cantania C. Candi, Genoa, 1933 Fratelli Masetti (Masetti Brothers), Modena, c.1920s

See also Masetti Harp Guitars

Additional images

     Austrian / German

Unknown, Saxony?, ca. 1860 Unknown Unknown Richard Hinz Feilnreiter

Meinel & Herold Terz scale,
probably Bavarian, c.1900
Wilhelm Kruse, Markneukirchen, 1937 Paul Stark, Markneukirchen


Stephen Sedgwick, U.K. Jim Worland Jim Worland, 2004 Harry Fleischman Mark Deering Cédric Verglas (Lamour Instruments)

Bart Lawrence Matt Hale (Epiphone conversion)



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