Dyer Harp Mandolins and the Harp Plectral Quartet

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Major Rewrite May, 2017

Dyer Harp Mandolins  and the Harp Plectral Quartet

Dyer Harp Mandolin Family from 1911-1918 Cadenza ads.

Dyer extant specimen composite

Update, May, 2017: I need to shift the timeline for harp mandolins slightly yet again after the discovery of a new Dyer catalog!  In fact I need to take this page down while I fully rewrite it, due to the number of changes.  Check back later, and meanwhile, enjoy the new catalog!

W. J. Dyer & Bro. 1907/1908 Catalog

Dyer Harp Mandolins & the Harp Plectral Quartet

Dyer Dating, Serial Numbers and Timeline

Dyer in the BMG Magazines: An Illustrated History (Members Only)

See also Robert Hartman's site: http://www.larsonscreations.com

And finally...if you don't have this book by now, you should!

Signed copies available from Bob, or unsigned from Harp Guitar Music.

To: The Knutsen-Dyer Connection (Dyer harp guitar study)

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