In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 13: Genoa’s First Harp Guitar Exhibit

We left off at lunch time after a relaxing yet exhilarating free morning on Day 8 – but now things were going to get a whole lot more exciting! As I said earlier, Franco wasn’t just helping Jaci and I enjoy a first-time vacation trip to Genoa, he had specifically planned a full harp guitar […]

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More on Amend, the One-Armed Harp Guitarist

After several years with and collecting/archiving hundreds of rare images of harp guitar players, this still has to be just about the most amazing photograph ever.  You’ll remember it from the special Knutsen Archives feature, Bert Amend & the One-Armed Musicians, which debuted in February, 2004 (  We owe the discovery of the remarkable […]

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The Omnipresent Vardon & Perry

I can’t keep up with those boys – the historical harp guitar duo that no one remembers that keeps cropping up!  For those new to our story (and it is a story), you’ll want to start at the beginning with “’Wilber’ Wanted” and then “Vardon, Perry & Wilber Revisited.” So I was going through my […]

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HGG9 Change of Digs

Your Harp Guitar Foundation Board has been quietly but earnestly working behind the scenes to negotiate a new venue for this year’s Gathering.  The dates will remain the same.  Seems there was a little snafu with the union at Quinnipiac U (Teamsters vs. Harp Guitarists – I can see the headline now…). We will now […]

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Beardsell Sightings

Alan Beardsell up in Canada makes one cool-looking harp guitar.  Only 2 or 3 built so far I think.  The other day, fellow Canadian Martin Larose sent me this photo of himself with his new Beardsell harp guitar (at left).  His (work-in-progress) site’s song samples sound like he’s got lots of techniques and ideas, and […]

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Harp Guitar Medley

Ahh, my irrepressible Title puns… This one is in reference to a fellow named Keith Medley – a new, 30 years-in-the-making harp guitarist. He was discovered by the our community some time last year by a member, but then recently, when I wanted to add his unique instrument to the Luthier page, I couldn’t […]

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New Guitar Exhibit at the Met

Namely: Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsman from Italy to New York. I was supposed to have shipped them a couple things like the Gazzo and standing harp mando, but that apparently fell through.  It would have been nice for an excuse to go to the premiere.  I know my friend Jonathan Kellerman (and wife Faye) went, […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 12: A Morning Inspirational Stroll

You’re probably overwhelmed with ornate and wonderful guitars from Day 7…so now we’ll relax at some ornate and wonderful churches the next morning. Day 8 was going to be a big deal – unbeknown to me, I was going to be giving a talk about harp guitars at a special “meeting” and exhibition that Franco […]

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Patent Applied For: Knutsen’s Adjustable Neck

One of the more exciting Knutsen finds of recent years (which I just now finally added to the Knutsen Archives) came from ukulele collector/historian Tom Walsh.  He kindly sent me a couple scans of news releases from The Music Trade Review, dating from 1916 and 1917.   Soon after, I was alerted by my peers that […]

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You Asked For It, You Got It!

I’m referring to the TWO new Stephen Bennett instructional Interactive Data-DVDs. Just got my stock, and took a quick look – mesmerizing! Nice that Stephen instructs all potential “students” to visit at the close of Harp Guitar Basics.  TrueFire is also fully on the harp guitar bandwagon, with a link to my Organology page […]

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