Further Beyond…

Finally! The long-awaited sequel to the original first-ever harp guitar compilation has “left the building” – off for production. Just reviewing the final master carefully while the printing begins. Man, I (and a few others) have been busting butt on this for quite some time, but I think the result will be well worth it.  […]

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New Luthiers

This amazing creation was discovered by Ben last week. It is by Canadian maker Hubert Soumis-Pilon (Saradip Guitars), and is a modern Sullivan-Elliott-style 21-string nod to this this instrument by Viennese maker Schenk. He displayed at the Montreal Guitar Show, where I assume John Doan got to play it, while performing there this year.  Anyone […]

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Gibson Meets Knutsen Meets Mammoth

This has got to be one of the most interesting harp guitars I’ve seen in awhile… It clearly begins with elements of the classic Gibson, but then adds the most amazingly beefy hollow arm extension I think I’ve ever seen.  Plus super-trebles a la Knutsen/Doan, on a cool cutaway, yet. What a fascinating Photoshop experiment, […]

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Fretboard Journal #22

My copy just arrived and I was delighted to see a feature on A) Muriel Anderson, and B) Kathy & Jimmi Wingert ! The former piece features 3 great teaser shots of Muriel’s latest Doolin, while the latter features a shot of her first harp guitar inlay – Frank Doucette’s HG #1 headstock! Nice job, […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 8 Videos

We finally have the first 3 up –  and they are gorgeous! Thanks to Brad and crew for capturing such quality footage and sound. Thanks to Jeff Titus for editing these first 3: Muriel Anderson & John Doan Jeff Titus, with Brad Hoyt Brian Torosian NOTE: We need volunteers for professional editing (Jeff’s work schedule […]

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Harp Guitar Patents of the 21st Century

Is this the first one? Ben found this – a U.K. patent by one Steven Charles Anthony Malinoff of London.  I couldn’t find anything on him. But does it look familiar?  It did to me, too.  It’s the “Ha Shem” played by Esteban Antonio.  It was built by Spanish luthier Stephen Hill – as you […]

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Not a Harp Guitar, but I’m Not Complaining

That’s because this is one of those rare “holy-grails” on my fantasy wish list – that just became reality. A 1792 Renault arch-cistre (arch-cittern) in fantastic original condition.  There was a bit of “fate” to acquiring this one…suffice it to say, that the time (and budget) was right. As HG.net readers may know, this is […]

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Fretless Zithers…

…obviously have nothing to do with harp guitars…yet that is what I’ve found myself catching up on in the last couple days.  In conjunction with another little project I am involved in, I realized that it was time I updated and continued the work I started with my old FZ partner, Kelly Williams, on my […]

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AMIS Conference at the MIM, Conclusion (Days 3-5)

I’ve been meaning to get back to the trip, but too many photos (and memories!) to get through… For those just joining us, we started with: AMIS Convention, Day 1 Continuing with: Guitars and Other Strings at the MIM (AMIS Convention, Day 1 continued) and:AMIS Conference at the MIM, Day 2 Here I am enjoying […]

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Third Coulter’s a Charm

Unknown except to a John, Kerry and myself until just recently – see my previous blog – Coulter harp guitars are suddenly coming out of the woodwork! In a staggering coincidence, the day the eBay auction ended on Coulter #2, Coulter #3 was listed.  (perhaps not so much a coincidence, but that the present owner […]

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