Terciopelo and Rabbit Pelts

OK, this may be a bit off topic, but it is nevertheless an important subject. I’m talking about the disturbing trend of textile- (and/or animal product-) covered guitars. Yesterday’s realization that the fabulous, priceless Guitarpa has a velvet-covered (terciopelo) soundboard was a shocker, all right.  But then I recalled my own High School (freshman year) […]

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This was my big scoop and presentation-closer in 2009 at the 7th Harp Guitar Gathering – since when, sadly, nothing new has come to light. The exciting news was nothing less than the discovery of the whereabouts of the infamous Guitarpa, built in Spain and showcased at the 1851 Exhibition of London. We’ve all seen […]

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It’s Raining Chitarpas

Well not literally. Still, what are the odds that the very week I finally post my story on the Noceti postcard, another shows up on eBay Italia (found by Reidar, again, naturally!)? But this copy improves on the original in two ways: First, it includes Noceti’s Concert Program on the instrument: 1. Noceti. – Preludio […]

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The Chitarpa of Gian Battista Noceti

  One of the more exciting harp guitar research projects continues to be the floor-standing harp-shaped guitars to come out of Genoa (refer to my 2008 web article, shown above).  Among others, Alberto Giordano has been particularly interested and helpful in this investigation.  It has repercussions into many areas, including hollow-arm harp guitar “evolution” in […]

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Musica Viva

Musica Viva is a rather ambitious web site, and hard to describe.  It’s run by an old email pal, Frank Nordberg in Norway.  Among many other projects offered through the site, Frank collects and scans rare historical musical instrument catalogs.  He expertly formats these on CD, offering them through his eBay store.  I’m not sure […]

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…While Historical French Harp Guitarists Continue to Surprise

…the title being a continuation of yesterday’s blog. Here’s another treasure from friend of Harpguitars.net, Les Cook (Grass Skirt Records):  Sheet music of “Rapid’ Eclair,” a “java” musette (a type of fast waltz, according to Les) played by the virtuoso accordionist M. Defaye, with uncredited guitarist. The guitar player (who Les is trying to track […]

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Modern Harp Guitar Music Alive and Well in France

Nice to see the concert scene picking up a bit there. Stephen Bennett (with wife Nancy in tow) just got back from a couple glorious weeks there.  I received one email the night they were staying near the stunning Saint Michael’s Mount in Normandy, France (below)…. Ridiculously beautiful, isn’t it?! And Philippe Fouquet just sent […]

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The Bogengitarre Lives Again

Here’s the instrument that Jan Tuláček initially emailed me about last week, after spotting my blog about the bogengitarre.  Remember how in that blog, I pointed out the different “waves” of their popularity?  Specifically, the original Schenk period (around the 1840’s), then the “Second Coming” around 1900, with a few stragglers here and there…? Well, […]

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And MORE 8-strings (plus the odd 7…)

There were a couple responses to yesterday’s blog, including some new information from Jake (no last name…comment-posters, if I don’t know you, please include your last name, as an introduction – thanks!). Refer first to his comment at the end here – to which I’ll reply via a new blog: Thanks, Jake! – this is […]

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Attack of the 8-string Riess Copies

They’re everywhere! How have I missed them (how have you)? For those of us not attuned to the guitar scene in the Czech Republic, I supposed we can be forgiven. This “mini-movement” of 8-string Riess-replica harp guitar players comes courtesy of luthier Jan Tuláček. who carefully measured and recreated the c.1840 instrument in the collection […]

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