Harp Guitar Medley

Ahh, my irrepressible Title puns… This one is in reference to a fellow named Keith Medley – a new, 30 years-in-the-making harp guitarist. He was discovered by the our community some time last year by a Harpguitars.net member, but then recently, when I wanted to add his unique instrument to the Luthier page, I couldn’t […]

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New Guitar Exhibit at the Met

Namely: Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsman from Italy to New York. I was supposed to have shipped them a couple things like the Gazzo and standing harp mando, but that apparently fell through.  It would have been nice for an excuse to go to the premiere.  I know my friend Jonathan Kellerman (and wife Faye) went, […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 12: A Morning Inspirational Stroll

You’re probably overwhelmed with ornate and wonderful guitars from Day 7…so now we’ll relax at some ornate and wonderful churches the next morning. Day 8 was going to be a big deal – unbeknown to me, I was going to be giving a talk about harp guitars at a special “meeting” and exhibition that Franco […]

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Patent Applied For: Knutsen’s Adjustable Neck

One of the more exciting Knutsen finds of recent years (which I just now finally added to the Knutsen Archives) came from ukulele collector/historian Tom Walsh.  He kindly sent me a couple scans of news releases from The Music Trade Review, dating from 1916 and 1917.   Soon after, I was alerted by my peers that […]

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You Asked For It, You Got It!

I’m referring to the TWO new Stephen Bennett instructional Interactive Data-DVDs. Just got my stock, and took a quick look – mesmerizing! Nice that Stephen instructs all potential “students” to visit Harpguitars.net at the close of Harp Guitar Basics.  TrueFire is also fully on the harp guitar bandwagon, with a link to my Organology page […]

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Slave to the Internet

…that would be me. Hey, if you’re reading this, then it means that I wasn’t able to post tonight’s rather extravagant entry.  Anytime it rains in the area, our cable goes out.  And driving home for lunch and seeing not 1, not 2, but three large Time Warner trucks on our street doesn’t bode well! Nor […]

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Speaking of New Books…

…I just received a copy of Classical & Romantic Instrument Marvels, by Robert Mandel. Robert – who contacted me recently for photo use – is a Hungarian hurdy-gurdy player, instrument builder, researcher, and occasional author.  He wrote and designed this beautiful book. He admits it is deliberately just a sampling of instrument specimens, handpicked to […]

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Museum Room Back to Normal

Photography over the weekend went well – can’t wait to see the published photos (hope they use most of them).  I hear the book is already mostly laid out. While Laurie packed up for his next scheduled assignment, I got the room back in order just in time for him to try a wide angle […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

First of all – Comments Field back up!  HG.net member Burkhard Baader kindly pointed me to a new Plug-in.  You just have to type the displayed letters/numbers (pre-approved comment-ers do not).  Give it a try. And so, Happy V-Day from all of us at the Miner/Rohr household to all you lovers out there. I borrowed […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 11: Guitars fit for a Queen (and a couple of guitar virtuosos)

You’ll recall that we left off in the middle of Day 7, when we were invited to the home of Giovanni Accornero, out in the Alexandria countryside. You might have noticed that Gianni’s collection is a tiny bit fancier than my own.  Well, he’s earned it, I am sure.  We were later informed that while […]

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