Gathering Registration Ready!

We’ve got the Online and Mail Registration set-up and operational. The price this year includes Dinner with the Friday Night Opening Ceremonies and Open Mic evening.  Sunday night party is separate.  The Bennett’s ate there and vouch for the quality (way beyond last year), so please avail yourself of it!  Despite the slight increase, the […]

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Important New Guitar History Books

The first book (received yesterday, shown at left) is the long-awaited bible of American plucked stringed instrument patents, assembled by Mugwumps founder Michael Holmes.  What a project!  I think he’s been working on this since I first met him 15 years ago.  It lists every single one – nearly 1200!   Now it’ll probably take me […]

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Or for the uninitiated, Harp Guitar Gathering 9!   First time in the Northeast (Milford, CT), so we expect the whole East Coast contingent! Logo designed by Stephen’s nephew Marshall… We’ve started the page (, with this year’s featured folks listed.  We’ll be working out schedule details before long.   I can say: You asked for it, […]

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First off, I wanted to mention that I’ve now added both Jan Tuláček and Scot Tremblay to the Luthier page (the first section, as both have built numerous historical harp guitars).  Examples of what they’ve made and/or offer are of course included. Scot, and also David Schramm, who are both now building extra-string Scherzer copies […]

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New Virtual Miner Museum of Vintage, Exotic & Just Plain Musical Instruments

This has been an ongoing goal, spurred on by my new insurer (Anderson Group) requiring photos of each of my crazy, un-serialized, one-of-a-kind instruments.  I’ve been chipping away at it ever since Laurie Evans jump-started new photography for that book project a couple months back, and I continued with my own. I didn’t need anything […]

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Blogging Bogging Me Down

Here’s the entry I was hoping not to write until at least Sept 19, 2011.  That will be the 1-year anniversary of Gregg’s Blogg: 365 Days of Harp Guitar Gossip, when I planned to mark the noble achievement and hopefully take a breather. I’ve decided to take that breather now. Oh, I think I could […]

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Beta Test

Hello all.  Would you please help me out with this little exercise? I’m trying a new method of password protecting the Members Section. We’ll use Mozilla Firefox as the browser for the first example. Go to the Home page and below “Contact” is a little link named “Beta Test”.  Click on that. You should get […]

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Terciopelo and Rabbit Pelts

OK, this may be a bit off topic, but it is nevertheless an important subject. I’m talking about the disturbing trend of textile- (and/or animal product-) covered guitars. Yesterday’s realization that the fabulous, priceless Guitarpa has a velvet-covered (terciopelo) soundboard was a shocker, all right.  But then I recalled my own High School (freshman year) […]

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This was my big scoop and presentation-closer in 2009 at the 7th Harp Guitar Gathering – since when, sadly, nothing new has come to light. The exciting news was nothing less than the discovery of the whereabouts of the infamous Guitarpa, built in Spain and showcased at the 1851 Exhibition of London. We’ve all seen […]

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It’s Raining Chitarpas

Well not literally. Still, what are the odds that the very week I finally post my story on the Noceti postcard, another shows up on eBay Italia (found by Reidar, again, naturally!)? But this copy improves on the original in two ways: First, it includes Noceti’s Concert Program on the instrument: 1. Noceti. – Preludio […]

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