Eugene Howard or Howard Eugene

I need help on this one, as something doesn’t add up.  Or maybe it does add up – frankly, it’s just too much of a coincidence not too. OK, you remember the Howard harp guitar I showed in last week’s blog on the Stutzman harp guitars? It’s a model I haven’t paid much attention to, […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 15: Post-Trip

After a long but uneventful pair of flights home after our last, emotional day in Genoa, we were back to reality. The kids were ecstatic, but of course more interested in “what’d you bring us?!” then in greeting us.  Somehow, they can sniff out presents – separating out our own souvenirs from those destined for […]

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Smoothtalker Harp Guitar

It was only a matter of time! South Africa’s Mervyn Davis, who some of you may have seen at Healdsburg or the GAL conventions (or elsewhere) has been building innovative instruments for almost 40 years.  He has two distinct web sites – Mervyn Davis for his “normal” work (all highly individual and fascinating) and Smoothtalker […]

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A Folder a Day…

…keeps me out of trouble, I guess. But first, a quick note of concern and hope that all harp guitar and other friends in Japan, Hawaii, and the Pacific Coast are safe from earthquake (and subsequent tsunami) damage.   If anyone has any news of personal disaster for any of our extended community, please let us […]

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Harp Guitar Southpaws

That’s slang for left-handed guitar players. We sure don’t see many left-handed harp guitars, do we?   It’s not because they look really weird (though they do).   I suppose it’s because there are (and have been) so extremely few left-handed guitar players (past, present, future?) willing to take up the instrument.   One barrier is obviously the […]

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Another Pile-up Day

Sorry, readers – nothing interesting ready for today… I was gone from dawn to just now (8 pm) on a sudden biz trip to San Jose (for the pesky day job). Back to find the usual 3 dozen emails (half spam). Harp guitar-related items of the day: 2 new requests for Holloway quotes Correspondence and […]

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Knutsen’s “Lost Years”

I was going through my vast “To Do” folders (Knutsen sub-section), and was reminded of this entry that’s actually been up on the site for awhile now.  It continues to be a “hidden clue” – and now that I’ve got a larger audience reading this blog than just the small and geeky Knutsen contingent, I […]

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The Harpitar

Here is a wonderful new discovery – a previously unknown invention from 1918 by one R. E. Bates, of New York, and later Connecticut. I first heard of this last year, during my initial foray into the online Music Trade Review archives.  It had only this tantalizing mention and description: I resigned myself to the […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 14: Last Day in Genoa

Well, it had to end sometime…and yet we managed to pack so much in, it felt like another whole week! As you recall, we left off at the end of an incredible harp guitar exhibit and presentation – the first Genoa had ever seen.  There, I met Carlos Pierini, the owner of that incredible Drasseg […]

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Stutzman’s Harp Guitars

Some of you may remember an obscure “harp guitar poster” from Vintage Guitar magazine some years ago.  Amazingly, I missed it and still haven’t found one, though I have a decent image (courtesy of Bob Hartman, some years ago).  It included an impressive 8 American harp guitars of every style, from a garden variety Gibson […]

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