New Electric HGs

These 2 new original EHG designs both showed up simultaneously on eBay today.  Each has 5 subs; the first (a prototype from “A I Guitars”) is a Strat turned into what I call the “Floating Theorbo Headstock” form (a bit too industrial for my taste). The second, from one Jez Walker of Hastings, U.K., is […]

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McCollum Harp Guitar

For anyone who may not know, Lance McCollum passed away 2 years ago.  Nice that his legacy will live on. This just came in on consignment, and I spent the evening checking it out, plugging it in, and photographing (photos done, will finish the listing later – I’m pooped!).  It has gone through a few […]

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Last Night’s Barnes & Noble Run

…netted the beautiful 14″ x 10″ hardback Martin Guitar Masterpieces book.  Something I didn’t necessarily need, but a beautiful $40 book on sale for $15 (and it does include again that one double-neck harp guitar). Next, browsing through the new Premier Guitar (something else I don’t really need – I’m more of an FJ guy), […]

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The Medusa is in da house!!

That would be the amazing “Manzer Pikasso guitar on steroids,” built for Danish musician Henrik Andersen. member Thomas Nielsen just posted a link to the “Medusa Guitar T.V. World Premiere” video on our Forum. I then clicked on Henrik’s Facebook photos (not sure which I like better – the Medusa shot or his diapers […]

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Wallace & Reeder

No, not a new Nashville duo, but close. The other day, Brad Hoyt forwarded me a slew of new videos by Kyle Reeder, who I’d heard something about (I forget where) – a youngish festival-winning fingerstyle player from Kentucky. His instrument is a custom harp guitar by Tennessee neighbor David Wallace. I don’t know how […]

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One-of-a-Kind Favilla Bros Harp Guitar

Here’s a first!  Somehow I missed this when Bernunzio Instruments had and sold it awhile back. The new owner left it with Kerry Char last year for some extensive restoration, and Kerry took all these photos (and did his own short blog about it on his site). It is a custom Favilla Brothers harp guitar, […]

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Eugene Howard or Howard Eugene

I need help on this one, as something doesn’t add up.  Or maybe it does add up – frankly, it’s just too much of a coincidence not too. OK, you remember the Howard harp guitar I showed in last week’s blog on the Stutzman harp guitars? It’s a model I haven’t paid much attention to, […]

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In Search of Genoese Harp Guitars, Part 15: Post-Trip

After a long but uneventful pair of flights home after our last, emotional day in Genoa, we were back to reality. The kids were ecstatic, but of course more interested in “what’d you bring us?!” then in greeting us.  Somehow, they can sniff out presents – separating out our own souvenirs from those destined for […]

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Smoothtalker Harp Guitar

It was only a matter of time! South Africa’s Mervyn Davis, who some of you may have seen at Healdsburg or the GAL conventions (or elsewhere) has been building innovative instruments for almost 40 years.  He has two distinct web sites – Mervyn Davis for his “normal” work (all highly individual and fascinating) and Smoothtalker […]

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A Folder a Day…

…keeps me out of trouble, I guess. But first, a quick note of concern and hope that all harp guitar and other friends in Japan, Hawaii, and the Pacific Coast are safe from earthquake (and subsequent tsunami) damage.   If anyone has any news of personal disaster for any of our extended community, please let us […]

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