HGG9: Concert Performers

Another incredible and diverse roster, with some old favorites, and new surprises. Please enjoy my montage formats (they open up nice and big) of these great photos by our official photographer Chuck Thompson. For this year’s new featured performers, please see the blogs on James Kline and Ed Littlefield, Jr. Other featured performers this year […]

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HGG9: Best Turnout Ever!

Before I continue with re-capping the performers and events, I wanted to thank, and introduce you to, all the past and new attendees who contributed to making this our biggest Registration turnout in our 9 years.  What was especially gratifying were those who came for the weekend who don’t play at all (spouses, friends and […]

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HGG9: Luthier Panel and Demo

For the 9th annual Harp Guitar Gathering, we invited Southern California builder Kathy Wingert to host.  Reluctant to take on her first harp guitar project (at the insistence of client Frank Doucette), Kathy has since become one of our more prolific harp guitar makers (8 and counting).  So much so that she even has to […]

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HGG9 Featured Performer Ed Littlefield, Jr.

Stephen Bennett originally described him as “a character” and someone who captivates audiences with his stories and songs.  A member of the popular west coast and touring band Marley’s Ghost, in which he plays Dobro, pedal steel, fiddle and other instruments, the talented Ed Littlefield Jr. is also a solo act.  Inspired by his friend […]

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HGG9: James Kline, Our Special Featured Guest

As James Kline himself humbly announced to one of the two Harp Guitar Gatherng 9 concert audiences, he is “the virtuoso of the 19-string arch-harp-guitar” (as I wrote in our press kit) because he remains “the only owner and player of the instrument.” I have long known Jim to be one of the most laid […]

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The Water is Wide in C#

The 9th annual Harp Guitar Gathering will hereafter be remembered as the “Year of the Infamous Water is Wide Half Step Fiasco.” And no more painful to anyone than myself, Recipient No. 1 of the cruel joke. It seems a young man (a new first timer to the Gathering, who shall remain nameless…for now) was […]

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Harp Guitar X-rays are Front Page News

Hello all – finally back from the (tremendously fun, albeit exhausting) 9th Annual Harp Guitar Gathering! It’ll take a while to collect and gather all the photos from official photographer Chuck Thompson and all the other shutterbugs, so I’ll blog as I can, and in no particular order. First up: As you know, we planned […]

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Illustrated Blog Indices by Topic

Something I figured I’d have to do eventually – and that some of you have asked about – is incorporating directories for various blog topics on the appropriate site pages.  Obviously, my little sidebar categories quickly became redundant. Some of the information, discoveries and photos from the blog will of course be integrated into the […]

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The Second Strumming of Maccaferri

Unlike last month’s major (and serious) blog on Christian Saggese, this is of course a light-hearted knockoff title meant to illustrate that this particular artist is decidedly not the “second coming” of Mario Maccaferri. That would be me.  My only claim to fame is owning one of his personal harp guitars (at left).  This very […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering on NPR

Tomorrow morning, local listeners should be able to hear a short interview featuring Stephen and John – with a bit of SB’s playing – on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Very nice (N) PR, guys! If you miss it, post is here.

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