Healdsburg Trip, Part 1

Got back late last night after 3 full days (Fri-Sat-Sun) of guitars and music at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival (which strangely takes place in Santa Rosa)…a nice, non-working musical vacation (for once)! There weren’t a lot of harp guitar surprises this year, but the very first one was a whopper…Tony McManus’ set included an impromptu […]

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Hidden in This Picture

Well, not very hidden, but a pretty tiny harp guitar appearance… A Dyer player, barely an inch tall, features in this postcard just discovered and kindly submitted by our ever-reliable “Hawaiian Harp Guitar Appearance” correspondent, Les Cook. He has no idea (yet) who any of the players are, nor the band or location.  The image […]

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Healdsburg, Here We Come!

I recently decided to take a (long-needed) vacation and drive up with Frank (Doucette) to this year’s Healdsburg Guitar Festival in Santa Rosa.  We’ll take a long leisurely drive up the coast tomorrow, and head home Monday.  That’s so we can stay through Sunday evening to catch (and hang with) Stephen (Bennett). Other HG friends […]

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Further Further…

A few folks were trying to play “Guess the Instrument” (and thus, player) on the FBSS cover last week. So here are some additional clues from the inside panel:

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Keith Medley, Part 2

Stacy Hobbs sent me this link a few days ago. It seems our new harp guitar friend Keith Medley (who I first wrote about in February here) got an impromptu visit from CNN, who shot a video that has subsequently been going viral! Keith, ever humble, was again worried that too much was being made […]

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Harp Guitar Design: Past, Present and Future?

Apparently, there’s a new “pope” in town…or at least that’s what Rich Mermer might be thinking. Well, at least demonstrating.  I’m not sure how/why the photographer captured this particular moment, but I’d be very much surprised if Rich wasn’t thinking of me at the time. What he’s doing is giving a presentation (with the title […]

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Further Beyond…

Finally! The long-awaited sequel to the original first-ever harp guitar compilation has “left the building” – off for production. Just reviewing the final master carefully while the printing begins. Man, I (and a few others) have been busting butt on this for quite some time, but I think the result will be well worth it.  […]

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New Luthiers

This amazing creation was discovered by Ben last week. It is by Canadian maker Hubert Soumis-Pilon (Saradip Guitars), and is a modern Sullivan-Elliott-style 21-string nod to this this instrument by Viennese maker Schenk. He displayed at the Montreal Guitar Show, where I assume John Doan got to play it, while performing there this year.  Anyone […]

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Gibson Meets Knutsen Meets Mammoth

This has got to be one of the most interesting harp guitars I’ve seen in awhile… It clearly begins with elements of the classic Gibson, but then adds the most amazingly beefy hollow arm extension I think I’ve ever seen.  Plus super-trebles a la Knutsen/Doan, on a cool cutaway, yet. What a fascinating Photoshop experiment, […]

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Fretboard Journal #22

My copy just arrived and I was delighted to see a feature on A) Muriel Anderson, and B) Kathy & Jimmi Wingert ! The former piece features 3 great teaser shots of Muriel’s latest Doolin, while the latter features a shot of her first harp guitar inlay – Frank Doucette’s HG #1 headstock! Nice job, […]

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