Khronicling Knutsen’s Kondition

Since you folks seem to be egging me on with the “K” gags… …this is no laughing matter, however. It seems that Chris struggled for 15 years with rheumatism, all during the start-up and heyday of his prolific period of harp guitar designing and building. This rare and curious advertisement from September 16, 1908 – […]

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HGG9 Harp Guitar Instruction Workshops

Courtesy of our 3 instructors, we’ve now added to the schedule specifics for the special simultaneous workshops that will take place on Sunday morning at the 9th Harp Guitar Gathering.  This should help attendees choose and prepare for how they might like to participate. We’ve been talking about doing concurrent workshops for years, which many […]

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Harp Guitars in Lights

…no, not on the stage…just in my family room. I just tried out my new light set to shoot a special Kathy Wingert harp guitar (just posted for sale here…through a convoluted series of trades, I found myself in possession of the amazing instrument…). I bought this set-up from this link, at the recommendation of […]

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Knutsen Kopies

(The “K” just a little gag to remind you to pronounce it in both words…) As Chris K. has long been my favorite harp guitar maker, it always tickles me when I see some of his design elements incorporated into new harp guitar designs.  Of course, this happened in the very beginning of the “Modern […]

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Harp Guitar: Pluck in Comfort

I know that most of you play with either flesh or nails (and for the thumb, a long, deadly thumbnail) – I’ve gone through it all (and still use different options for different tunes and instruments).  As I demonstrated at the last Gathering, I have been quite enjoying the “Strum ‘N Comfort” thumbpick device.  I […]

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Joe Stertz, the 25th Dyer Owner

As you know, I thoroughly enjoy researching harp guitar history, and never more so than when there is provenance.  Such as this recently discovered instrument. While we may be missing that one piece of direct proof, it is quite likely that Joe was the original purchaser of this Dyer type 1 harp guitar, Style 5, […]

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and Furthermore…

Further Beyond Six Strings is out! So here is the back cover with songs and artists and the final instrument riddle. Available now. Two promotional videos are up as well: Don (as always, with yet another slightly different version than he recorded!) and Philippe:

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The Ukrainians Are Coming!

…to the Gathering, that is!  And they’re bringing harp guitars.  Yes, the harp guitar continues its global expansion and eventual world domination. An unusual collaboration began a year or so ago, when Las Vegas multi-instrumentalist Jay Buckey sent the Dyer plans over to his friends in Kiev who operate a small factory making banduras and […]

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Giovanni Cera, Italian Harp-Mandolinist from Down Under

Is this a cool harp mando, or what?! Here is yet another new historical designer/builder that has come to light, courtesy of fan Jim Garber.  He found this very imaginative harp-mandolin by one Giovanni Cera on Melbourne, Australia’s Museum Victoria site here. There is a full page bio on Cera, with many photos of […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering Bulletin Board

This blog is not it, but this thread on the Forum is. Attendees and participants are often looking to share rides and rooms, and in these more troubling economic times (Stock Tip: remember, harp guitars are the only safe investment!*)(*not a guarantee)(**Gregg Miner is an idiot), it’s a great idea. There’s a new note up […]

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