New Knutsen Design

This is a strange one!  Yet another experimental model by Knutsen, this looks like a hollow arm harp mandolin that stopped growing at a certain age.  Or a multi-direction “teardrop”?  I don’t know, but the experiment didn’t stop there.  Rather than a normal inlaid pickguard, Chris added another inlaid rosette there, with a separate piece […]

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Lock the Instrument Cases – Abaji’s in Town!

We had a great evening last night when multi-instrumentalist/ethnomusicologist/world musician Abaji paid us a visit.  He and his music business partner, Fabrice Absil (both from Paris) were in Hollywood for a symposium and several meetings with film scoring and music library contacts, and had been urged by Abaji’s good friend Ben (Benoît Meulle-Stef, this time […]

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Of Umlauts and Other Aggravating Letter Symbols, with a Little Nomenclature Confusion Thrown in While I’m at it

Speaking of harp-lutes, as I was yesterday, Benoit (whom you will notice is not getting his weird little upside-down “v” above the “i” in his pain-in-the-ass name in this instance) also found this rare treasure at left today. It’s hanging in the Musikmuseum in Basel, Switzerland, the photo posted by visitor Olivia Pelling on her […]

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Harp Guitar Relatives: Recent Finds

Benoit discovered what must surely be the first modern version of a c.1810 Harp-Lute, built 200 years later by Japanese luthier Maruyama Toshihito.  Intriguing! Splitting that 200 years in about half takes us to 1898, when this well-made American version of a lyre guitar was built by newly discovered maker, F. Gaulke. A couple different […]

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HGG9 Schedule Up

Trying some new things along with some old favorites…. And I asked co-host John Thomas (popular writer and now Fretboard Journal blogger!) to write our segment descriptions. Hope to see you all there!

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Pikasso HG on a Budget

Brad Hoyt just found this video today…some guy who built his own Metheny-style “Pikasso” harp guitar!  (Yes, Linda spelled “Picasso” like that) Fun! Though I’m not sure how anxious I am for this to catch on….

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Happy Easter!

A beautiful southern Cal day, and the whole family had a successful egg hunt in the back yard.  See Auggie’s Doggie Bloggie for more.

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W. S. Ellis and His Hawaiian Orchestre

Here’s a rare photograph taken in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania in September, 1914. It was brought to my attention by Les Cook (whose name has cropped up multiple times in my blog), who ran across it on the Blair County, PA GenWeb Archive site.  It took some time, but after writing them, and them forwarding my […]

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Steve Sedgwick’s U.K. Article

…looks great!  I hope someone can send me a copy.  Brad Hoyt sent me the tiny thumbs at left from Steve’s site, as his AVC is pictured 3 times!  And there’s Jason Carter bowing his original Sedgwick…and on the workbench, some kind of Sullivan-Elliott style? Congrats, Stephen – you’ve earned it! Speaking of AVCs…Brad’s final […]

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Giulietti Update: New Instruments and First Discovered Recording!

An almost unknown (certainly in the States) family of harp guitar players and/or builders just 2 years ago, the Giulietti clan (father Tullio and sons, Armando, who built, and Giulio, who played) are now well on their way to posterity.  At least that’s the aim of  Thanks to Giulietti family friend Roger Belloni and […]

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