Portland’s Premier Harp Guitar Builder

No, not Mike Doolin (with apologies to Kerry Char) – I’m talking about Portland’s original harp guitar maker: Frank Evans Coulter. One of the most obscure local makers you’re likely to hear about, I learned of Coulter years ago from John Doan, and also Kerry.  John owns an unusual mando-cello by Coulter, while Kerry owns […]

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New Italian Luthier

…who has apparently been building harp guitars for some years now.   A recent search by Ben recently turned him up: Luciano Buscarini, of Osimo. Looks like some beautiful work.  I rather like the modernized Italian hollow arm headstock designs – all they need is an extra sub or two and I think they could be […]

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Have You Heard of the Liuto Forte?

Me neither…not until this week, when head honcho André Burguete sent me a link to their site (in 4 languages no less). Pretty interesting!  First off, you gotta love the home page photos – it’s like Glee, with lutes! Seriously though, this team’s goal seems to be no less than the “re-invention” of the historical […]

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Rat Infestation at the Miner Museum

…Candyrat, that is. 4 of the hottest young acoustic guitarists on the planet (on the Candyrat label) came through L.A. last night on their 6 week tour.  Frank and I saw the (fantastic) show last night.  I knew all the names, but hadn’t listened to all – and had never heard friend Antoine Dufour live, […]

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New Knutsen Design

This is a strange one!  Yet another experimental model by Knutsen, this looks like a hollow arm harp mandolin that stopped growing at a certain age.  Or a multi-direction “teardrop”?  I don’t know, but the experiment didn’t stop there.  Rather than a normal inlaid pickguard, Chris added another inlaid rosette there, with a separate piece […]

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Lock the Instrument Cases – Abaji’s in Town!

We had a great evening last night when multi-instrumentalist/ethnomusicologist/world musician Abaji paid us a visit.  He and his music business partner, Fabrice Absil (both from Paris) were in Hollywood for a symposium and several meetings with film scoring and music library contacts, and had been urged by Abaji’s good friend Ben (Benoît Meulle-Stef, this time […]

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Of Umlauts and Other Aggravating Letter Symbols, with a Little Nomenclature Confusion Thrown in While I’m at it

Speaking of harp-lutes, as I was yesterday, Benoit (whom you will notice is not getting his weird little upside-down “v” above the “i” in his pain-in-the-ass name in this instance) also found this rare treasure at left today. It’s hanging in the Musikmuseum in Basel, Switzerland, the photo posted by visitor Olivia Pelling on her […]

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Harp Guitar Relatives: Recent Finds

Benoit discovered what must surely be the first modern version of a c.1810 Harp-Lute, built 200 years later by Japanese luthier Maruyama Toshihito.  Intriguing! Splitting that 200 years in about half takes us to 1898, when this well-made American version of a lyre guitar was built by newly discovered maker, F. Gaulke. A couple different […]

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HGG9 Schedule Up

Trying some new things along with some old favorites…. And I asked co-host John Thomas (popular writer and now Fretboard Journal blogger!) to write our segment descriptions. Hope to see you all there!

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Pikasso HG on a Budget

Brad Hoyt just found this video today…some guy who built his own Metheny-style “Pikasso” harp guitar!  (Yes, Linda spelled “Picasso” like that) Fun! Though I’m not sure how anxious I am for this to catch on….

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