Videos and Other News

Friend Philippe Fouquet sent a link to K&K Pickups, where he is Artist of the Month.  Nice!  Click on “More”  for full text. He also posted a new (partial) video of a new song Oversea Friends, which he says is dedicated to me and all his new Harp Guitar Gathering friends.  This was filmed at […]

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HGM Gig Bags: Not Just For Dyers Anymore!

I can’t believe no one (including me!) had ever tried this before…perhaps there was no real need. But now that the Sullivan-Elliott harp guitar plans have been selling like hot cakes for awhile, I guess it was only a matter of time before I got a request. Yes, my Harp Guitar Music gig bag appears […]

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AMIS Conference at the MIM, Day 2

Though I had spent essentially a full day there, I still hadn’t seen every exhibit hall, so finished up in between running in and out of the auditorium to catch various papers (30 minute lectures by AMIS scholars).  I’ll share a few photos later; here’s a random shot trying to show the scope.  I’m standing […]

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Guitars and Other Strings at the MIM (AMIS Convention, Day 1 continued)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program. I spent the afternoon of my first day at the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum looking for any harp guitars or similar instruments.  From my simple description of the museum’s charter in the first MIM blog, you can probably understand that MIM does not necessarily need a full […]

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Magazine News

Lest I fall behind on harp guitar magazine appearances… The latest issue of Acoustic Guitar (Tommy on the cover) has an article on the Larson brothers by Walter Carter.  Always nice to see them featured from time to time for new readers to discover their instruments.  This issue, it’s also online here. Also on newstands: […]

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Harp Guitar Shoppers Beware

This just in.  This is the second Dyer harp guitar I’ve seen offered on London Craiglist.  Again, it is a predatory scam.  Don Alder was getting ready to send 4 grand for this prize, but as usual, checked with me first.   Fortunately, this one is recognizable as the well-known “centered bridge” Style 6, serial #917.   […]

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AMIS Convention, Day 1

As I mentioned last week, I just attended the annual conference of the American Musical Instrument Society at the brand new Musical Instrument Museum of Phoenix, Arizona.  I haven’t been to the conference since 2003 in the U.K., so was good to connect with the group again.  If you’re interested in serious musical instrument scholarship, […]

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Not Quite Back to Normal

Jaci and I both made it into work today after the whirlwind Phoenix trip, but immediately went back into vacation/music mode as Andy and Kitty Wahlberg were in town visiting their son Kurt, who recently moved to the area.  Frank Doucette also joined us for a leisurely dinner and all too little time in the […]

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MIM, Here I Come

I’ll be off for awhile – heading to Phoenix tonight for the AMIS conference, held this year at the new Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix (the recent “hobby” of the CEO of Target…hey, it’s just the way I’d spend my surplus cash!). I’ve only been to one of the annual conferences so far (in England, […]

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Dream Harp Guitar

I had the pleasure of listing a distinctive instrument at Harp Guitar Music today:  Jeffrey Elliott’s original steel string 10-string.  The original owner has kept it in pristine condition, and now Jeffrey’s able to offer it again – a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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