S & N, the Movie

Tricia Bohan, one of Stephen and Nancy Bennett’s friends who attended the wedding festivities last Thanksgiving created this lovely film montage.   I’d like to share, as it shows lots o’ love (and fun).

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Forum Down and Other Web Woes

Every couple of months, I see that the Forum host (www.websitetoolbox.com) goes down (“can’t find the server…”). Don’t panic if it happens.  It sometimes takes a couple hours, and sometimes a couple of days, but they usually seem to get it back up. So far. Knock wood. Meanwhile, all of a sudden, the blog got […]

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The Dahlman Plot Thickens

Here are new photos of the wonderful Dahlman harp guitar owned by Dave Stutzman (see Stutzman’s Harp Guitars). The staff has been very interested in deciphering the mysterious headstock inlay.  They believe it looks original, rather than an add-on; the question is, what are the letters?! I might even ask, “Are they even letters, and […]

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The 11th Commandment

Thou shalt attend tonight’s screening of The Ten Commandments at Paramount …and wear something nice.  – my wife, Jaci, to me, this morning. Ooops – forgot about it.   I’ll have to race down to Hollywood after work.  This is the newly-restored print showing for the studio employees.  Jaci’s doing the big costume jewelry exhibit again.  […]

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Meet Henry Dahlman

Coincidence piles upon coincidence… Just 4 days after my Stutzman blog, I received new information on one of his instruments (the Howard), which I blogged about last week.  Then just a few days later, something came in out of the blue regarding another of Stutzman’s harp guitars – his elaborate 6-bass, tree-of-life Dahlman, shown again […]

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A Custom Bohmann Harp Guitar

Of course, “custom” applies to nearly all Bohmann harp guitars! This specimen recently came to my attention via the original owner’s descendants.  It has been in their family for several generations, commissioned by a great-grandfather, whose last name was Linscott – engraved in the 3rd fret marker. The family hasn’t been able to discover the […]

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Latest Harp-Mando Finds

This attractive design is by Martin Delabano, who pointed me to a video of it a couple weeks back.  His site is here: www.delabano.com He is a sculptor, artist, instrument maker, restorer, player, who knows what else.  Martin says that this was a prototype (working the bugs out) and the next one will be for […]

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New Electric HGs

These 2 new original EHG designs both showed up simultaneously on eBay today.  Each has 5 subs; the first (a prototype from “A I Guitars”) is a Strat turned into what I call the “Floating Theorbo Headstock” form (a bit too industrial for my taste). The second, from one Jez Walker of Hastings, U.K., is […]

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McCollum Harp Guitar

For anyone who may not know, Lance McCollum passed away 2 years ago.  Nice that his legacy will live on. This just came in on consignment, and I spent the evening checking it out, plugging it in, and photographing (photos done, will finish the listing later – I’m pooped!).  It has gone through a few […]

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Last Night’s Barnes & Noble Run

…netted the beautiful 14″ x 10″ hardback Martin Guitar Masterpieces book.  Something I didn’t necessarily need, but a beautiful $40 book on sale for $15 (and it does include again that one double-neck harp guitar). Next, browsing through the new Premier Guitar (something else I don’t really need – I’m more of an FJ guy), […]

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