New Harp Guitar Sub-Bass Tuners

Merrill harp guitar #1 fitted with Rickard’s new state-of-the-art tuners. Actually, these weren’t technically invented for us, but they are going to be huge hit with harp guitar owners and players of the Dyer-style configuration! Vintage Dyers and Knutsens, also – more on that in a minute. As every schoolboy (and girl) knows, c.1900 harp […]

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2019 Timberline Harp Guitars

You saw my NAMM post a week ago. I’ve just finished fully revamping my Harp Guitar Music Timberline section. Lots of new pics, specs, details, arrival dates, testimonials, etc. 1 year in, we’ve sold almost a hundred of these things!  Time to join the club?

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The Musical Instrument Collection of Walter Erdmann

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the unique one-off “nightmare lute” (at left) and mentioned the collection it had come from. I am now happy to report that Mr. Erdmann’s widow Sabine and I collaborated to tell the world the story of her late husband and his unique private collection. It’s a story with […]

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Winter NAMM, 2019

I can sum up my short NAMM experience this last Saturday in two words: Filippo Bertipaglia. But more on that later. Ah, the NAMM circus in Anaheim … every year I say last one, and every year I’m back (but just for a day). It’s actually fun – mainly seeing all the musical friends I’ve […]

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Mugwumps Harp Guitar Time Capsule

The late great Michael Holmes (May 24, 1941 – Feb 18, 2016) was 14 years my senior. While I was just discovering the acoustic guitar and instrumental music in High School in 1971, he was founding Mugwumps, his self-produced journal that was years ahead of its time (this was 8 years before the seminal Frets […]

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Merry Christmas!

With only one dog to wrangle now, our annual holiday card took a rather big leap this year. Our best to you and yours! (Salutation…and much more…hidden in this picture. Click to enlarge and then expand to full size). And a week later (12/31/18)…

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Hiro Takai, Rest In Peace

The world-wide harp guitar community and friends beyond the music world are mourning the loss of “Hiro-san” – our dear friend Hirokatsu Takai – who passed away December 18th, 2018. Hiro had suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm just after finishing a performance at his favorite club ten days prior, and never recovered. He was an […]

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Gibson Harp Guitar No. 5703 Lost and Found

You may recall my revelation 2-1/2 years ago about the fanciest Gibson harp guitar ever built – serial # 5703 – that I included in my article on Gibson World’s Fair Harp Guitars. Though rumored to “have been built for the World’s Fair,” I believe I demonstrated otherwise. So what was it? Well, turns out […]

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A Lute Out of a Nightmare

And now for something completely different. Much of my energy this year was spent on a long treasure hunt of sorts. It began in February when I stumbled upon a Facebook notice for a completely-under-the-radar auction of incredible musical instruments in Germany. Ultimately, I won three items (I bid on a dozen, and would’ve bid […]

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Stephen Bennett’s HGG16 Workshop

Just like my last blog, guest-penned by Martin Pleass, today’s is another guest spot by Martin’s U.K. partner-in-crime, Tommy Loose. Even though he’s across the globe in China (his day job), he still managed to get this in! You may remember Tommy, last year’s “Newbie” who not only played on stage for his first visit […]

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