Virtual Harp Guitar Gathering

NOTE: vHGG18 begins October 17th at 1:00 EASTERN TIME. For my California friends, that means 10 AM. I’ll appear about 45 minutes in. As readers know, Stephen Bennett, Joe Morgan and Randall Sprinkle split off to form their own Harp Guitar Gathering non-profit last year. At first, they sent out an announcement that HGG18 would have […]

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Harp Guitar Finds Via New Newspaper Navigation

Another boon for researchers! Just the other day an AMIS pal of mine (Jayme Kurland) announced to our list-serve that the Library of Congress announced a new tool to allow the public to keyword search through historical newspapers (beginning in 1900) for images. She loved it, I love it. The LOC says “The public can […]

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Eddie Peabody in Hula Heaven: Plectrum Harp Guitar Excerpt

Most readers have seen Eddie Peabody’s fascinating turn playing plectrum-style tremolo harp guitar on his Gibson Style U in Strum Fun, a clip long available on YouTube. It’s a style that virtually no one has played for decades (Matt Redman on YouTube being one of the only current practitioners). More recently, The Harp Guitar Foundation acquired […]

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Muriel Anderson, SB and a Virtual Water is Wide

For those who missed it, Muriel held her annual All-Star Guitar Night benefit show online last Saturday. It ended with a montage of harp guitarists playing our traditional finale together, even though separated by miles, if not oceans. She’s airing it as a separate segment, debuting this Wednesday evening with a LIVE CHAT for people […]

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Dyer Harp Mandola World Domination

Well, getting there! Readers know from my book and PDF on the mandolins that there were probably just a total of five harp mandolas built by the Larsons (plus a possible prototype). 4 were ensconced in collections when the 5th turned up and I was able to snag it.  Soon after I published my article, […]

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In a Life before Harp Guitars

Long before harp guitars (for me)…there were 6-strings (and the occasional 12). I stumbled on this 1975 photo recently, and wanted to document this “transition period.” Fans of my Christmas Collection (CC) project and/or the Miner Museum might get a kick out of this faded “historical image.” My brother Mark and I had apparently decided […]

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The Travels and Travails of Merrill Harp Guitar #14

I’ll never forget this one. I heard about it, saw it on eBay where it passed, later gambled on it, discovering a true “diamond in the rough,” tried not to sell it, failed, recorded it for my eventual Norwegian Wood CD project before I shipped it off, listed it briefly in 2015 (pulled when the […]

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“Floating Strings” Free Online!

While I have just one last print copy available of the exhibit catalog I wrote for our Carlsbad exhibit 3 years ago, those of you who never availed yourself of a copy can now view and read the entire 64-page publication electronically. It is presented by the Museum of Making Museum on; just ignore […]

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From Russia with Love, Part 2: Museum Treasures

I suspect that few outside of Russia have seen the rare harp guitars and related instruments that I’m about to show. While there are many examples from European makers we’re already familiar with, there are more obscure treasures here, and yes, I am saving the best for last! These instruments come from two major collections: […]

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From Russia with Love: Harp Guitars, Part 1

Once again, I find my music desk backlogged with towering piles of new information and images of Russian harp guitarists. In the past our Harp Guitar Gathering friend Oleg Timofeyev donated rare material and information. Lately, another new friend, Ilya Kryzhanovsky, has been bitten by the harp guitar bug and is sending me new material […]

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