Knutsen’s Electrical Knnection

Some 15 years ago, I had the great privilege and joy to have had an official “Assistant to the Knutsen Archives.” Darrell Urbien was not only as obsessive and nerd-perfect as I was, he actually lived in Echo Park near downtown Los Angeles. He knew this area – the very haunts of Chris Knutsen in […]

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The Tale of Knutsen Symphony Harp Guitar #HGT1

Recently, via a long, convoluted and unrelated Google search, this new and curious image at right popped up on my screen. As always, I stopped to save it and investigate. The caption said “Gene Mitchell with harp guitar at ‘Gene’s Guitar Shop’ Judah Street, San Francisco July, 1980.” My immediate thought: “Hey, that’s where I […]

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Filippo Bertipaglia “Gea” World Premiere

Once again, here is some 6-string news I wanted to share on my Harp Guitar blog. Following up after last month’s blog on a visit from Italy’s Filippo Bertipaglia, I mentioned his upcoming debut CD. Well, this incredible piece will not be on it. So I urged Filippo to let me record it (even with […]

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Bowed Zithers

Hey all – as harp guitars are just portion of my musical instrument passions, here’s (as the late Terry Jones would have said) Something Completely Different. The Weird and Wonderful World of Bowed Zithers

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Harp Guitar Foundation and Gathering News

We – the Harp Guitar Foundation Board and Advisors – have been brainstorming this for a couple years, and mentioned it at HGG17.  It is now official. Here’s what Stephen Bennett said at the Gathering last October: “While the Gathering has been part of the Harp Guitar Foundation for about a decade now, the Foundation […]

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Lest I Forget All About the 6-string Guitar…

(Duplicated from my Facebook page) For those looking for something refreshingly different at Anaheim, California’s NAMM show this weekend, I would highly recommend seeking out Italian guitar virtuoso Filippo Bertipaglia. He’ll be playing throughout the weekend for 4 vendors: L. R. Baggs, Godin, D. V. Mark and Gokko. Readers may recall that I wrote about […]

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Merry Christmas!

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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Just brought home the tree, and the first ornament to go up is a creation of our friend, the inimitable Tony Barnard: a one of a kind “Steampunk” harp guitar sculpture made of 1900s parts from watches, clocks and who knows what! (Yes, it’s an anatomically correct hollow arm form.)

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Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe

I’m duplicating this week’s Facebook post for those who get my news here. I just got copies of the brand new “Secrets of the Harp Guitar in Europe” CD from my friends overseas. Indeed, most of these players have long been friends of mine, and it’s nice to meet a couple of new ones. It’s […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering #17, North Carolina, USA by Tommy Loose

By Tommy Loose 3 flights? Why not? I’ll TELL you why not…! Each year, this Englishman heads over to the USA with a funny shaped instrument and a pair of shorts. That’s more or less all I bring. Other than my wits. This was my third Gathering and it was to be a very emotional […]

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