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Danish Harp Guitar Discoveries

I was fortunate a few months ago to have inspired one of my readers enough for them to tackle a new research project and author an article for us.  He is Thomas Nielsen of Denmark, and his piece is a rare English language look at Danish guitarist Soffren Degen, our current Player of the […]

Some Assembly Required

Yes, it’s Christmas morning, and in keeping with the nostalgia theme of Jaci’s and my annual holiday card, here’s a tribute to all the fathers (and less I sound too 2016 politically incorrect, a mother or two) who ever had to unfold those detailed yet inarticulate plans and actually try to assemble the attractive item […]

HGG14: Stanley Alexandrowicz

By now I’m sure you can see just how much harp guitar we pack in at these Gatherings – and we’ve still a ways to go for HGG14, where we last finished up with some new luthier surprises. Ever since my first, long-winded (and still unfinished!) lecture on Chris Knutsen at the inaugural Harp Guitar […]

Super-Treble Harp Guitar Videos

I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of players of “harp guitars with super-trebles” lately – along with the occasional new instrument – in new videos via Facebook and YouTube, so thought I’d do a quick update for those who might otherwise miss some of this news.  And thanks to all who alert me to […]

Herman the Hermit

Another “Bringing You Historical Harp Guitar News Wherever It Occurs” bulletin! This one has just the teensiest peripheral harp guitar inclusion, but is such a great piece I had to share it. My friend Guy DeVillez (you may remember his baritone Walton harp guitar that I blogged about, since passed along to another friend) found […]

Harp Guitars in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum, Part 2

Last week I took you behind the scenes at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum as Benoit Meulle-Stef (Ben) and I got up close and personal with their amazing “harpe-gitarre” in 2007. There were two other fascinating off-exhibit harp guitars that I was keen on inspecting and the staff obliged us with those as well. Like […]

The Oklahoma Cowboy Band

This is a fun one! My friend Joe Morgan spotted the intriguing cover of this book one day…The Oklahoma Cowboy Band, from 2008, one in the increasingly fascinating “Images of America” series. Who were they?  And what was a Gibson harp guitar doing in a Country and Western group?! The latter question is never addressed […]

Secrets of Taraffo

I’m pleased to announce “Secrets of Taraffo” – a new half hour documentary on the unsurpassed Genoese harp guitarist Pasquale Taraffo!  This was a labor of love for my friend Franco Ghisalberti and me – and finally completed with funding from Franco and The Harp Guitar Foundation.  If you’ve made a donation, please pat yourself […]

Vardon, Perry and…Wilbers?

Well, they’ve led me a merry chase, but I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of the story of Vardon, Perry and Wilber. Make that six Wilbers…and counting… This early 20th century vaudeville act is already somewhat unusual for its career-spanning dedicated use of harp guitars.   But more unusual is how popular and long-running […]

Orville’s Harp Guitars

I’m speaking of course of Orville Gibson…and the rarest of the rare: harp guitars he designed and built before the Gibson Company was even a figment of anyone’s imagination. What do we know?  Extremely little.  There is just one surviving Orville harp guitar known – but it is a doozy!   It’s his outrageous floor-standing model, […]

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