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AMIS, 2019 in Greenville, SC

Greetings! I’d here to report on my lovely trip to the 2019 Meeting/Conference/Symposium of the American Musical Instrument Society. As always, click on (most) photos to expand for details. This year’s was held in Greenville, South Carolina, hosted by Tom Strange (pictured) and staff at their wonderful 1-year-old Carolina Music Museum. The impressive collection consists […]

Rocky Mountain High

Taking a little break from harp guitar news… Greetings, all. As more and more of my friends and family seem to be dropping off Facebook, I feel compelled to post some of my personal posts here in addition to the quick “please like my photo” posts I normally do there. We had a free Delta […]

Merry Christmas!

With only one dog to wrangle now, our annual holiday card took a rather big leap this year. Our best to you and yours! (Salutation…and much more…hidden in this picture. Click to enlarge and then expand to full size). And a week later (12/31/18)…

Harp Guitar Foundation Matching Gift Commitment a Win-Win

Greetings, all, Here’s some good news as we head into our 16th Harp Guitar Gathering!

AMIS Moravian Adventure

This year, the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS) held their annual meeting in Bethlehem, PA at the Moravian College and nearby environs. I hadn’t been anywhere in Pennsylvania since a child, so was glad for a chance to explore. My wife Jaci stayed home this trip, so I did less vacationing and more AMISing this […]

Genoa, 2017 Part 3

Surprisingly, after last night’s dinner of local Genovese beef au natural, we slept very well.  After a pleasant Sunday morning hotel breakfast, we walked across the lobby to a meeting room for an appointment with new friends Massimo Traffano and Alica Careddu, a lovely couple who spoiled us with their excellent English.  Franco had told […]

Genoa, 2017 Part 2

After a wonderful evening downstairs in our hotel at the private reception Franco hosted for us following the special concert of Fabrizio Giudice, Jaci and I had only to amble over to the elevator, press “5,” locate our passkey and topple into bed. I woke (late) to Jaci working on origami, of all things.  She […]

Genoa, 2017 Part 1

In June 2017, my wife Jaci and I enjoyed another European trip, instigated in part on my musical interests and activities; on her part, it would be to see similarly interesting things, and for both of us, many friends. After a wonderful time in Scotland, we made the short journey from Edinburgh to Genoa, Italy, […]

Scotland, 2017 Part 6: Called but Salvaged on Account of Rain

After our several days of AMIS musical instrument fun, we had desperately wanted to get out to the Highlands for once, but didn’t plan a bus tour in time, plus were worried about weather.  And good reason, too.  Our idyllic Scotland week was over and the steady, unrelenting rain (how is it that their water […]

Scotland, 2017 Part 5: Monday Musical Field Trip

Star Date: Monday, June 5th, 2017.  Location: Edinburgh, Scotland.  What & Why: The annual AMIS Meeting. This was to be the last day of the 2017 Meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society, which had teamed up once again with the British Isles’ Galpin Society to double our musical instrument geek-out experience.  The conference was […]

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