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Donors and Password Update

Hello all, Just a heads up that I’ve updated the Foundation Donors page to update current Supporting donations (I was a year behind).  Meaning, the few remaining listed are still “active site members.”  Several dozen were moved to the Past Donors page, so aren’t privy to the new Members Section password (just now changed for […]

Happy Harp Guitar New Year!

Vintage postcard courtesy of Michael John Simmons: “Happy New Year!” from Estonia (yes, I know the weirdo kid is fretting the wrong neck, but it’s the thought that counts). Prediction: 2017 will be a huge year for the harp guitar.

Glad Tidings and Much Merriment for December, 2016

From our home to yours: For my friends and readers across the globe who celebrate the Holiday Season in all its many forms (and even those who do not), we chose the theme of our own childhood Christmas pasts for this year. For more on that subject, and the making of our annual card, you […]

Manzarene Dreams

What a great sub-title for the latest repackaging of the 1927-29 78rpm recordings of the legendary gospel singer/fretless zitherist Washington Phillips. Readers may recall my report and analysis of the 2015 newspaper clipping discovery by reporter Michael Corcoran that revealed Phillip’s original instrument and its colorful name.  The new release by Dust to Digital (another […]

HGG14 – Pre-Gathering Gatherers

Like Harp Guitar Gathering 9 in Milford, CT (was that really five years ago?) hosts Stephen and Nancy Bennett kindly invited any and all early-arrivals to stop by Thursday night.  Coming from L.A., we always seem to arrive last, but at least it makes for a nice, dramatic entrance.  Old and new friends there to […]

More High School Memories

I haven’t done one of my personal blogs for awhile, and this just came in, so we interupt our regularly scheduled harp guitar blogs for this nostalgic moment. My brother Mark went to his 45th high school reunion last night.  To “prep,” he got out his yearbooks for a quick cram session. Having graduated two […]

AMIS at the National Music Museum

Last week I took you through my personal first time tour of the very impressive National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. I was there to attend the annual meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society – and will share here a brief recap of my experiences, so you can meet some of the other […]

Belgium, Part 3

We really enjoyed our short stay in Brugge (see the last two blog entries), but it was now time for: Brussels: …where the #1 tourist destination is of course: Ben’s shop! The king in his castle. Above the shop is his home, a great layout!  On floor 2 (of 4) I was treated to dozens […]

Belgium, Part 2

Continuing yesterday’s blog…when we were last seen taking a lovely ride through the canals of Brugge. St. Janshospitaal We later explored as much of the canals as we could by foot. We could easily envision a life having a backyard on the water… …with a place for the dogs even! We continued to haphazardly stroll, […]

Belgium, 2007

In preparing the last two articles on the fascinating harp guitars at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum that I got to experience “close up and personal” in 2007, I stumbled upon my photo journal of that remarkable trip.  This is now almost ten year old news, and so took place before I started this blog […]

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