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HGG14 – Harp Guitar Converts

With nary a pause after Alex Anderson ended his Saturday morning debut Harp Guitar Gathering 14 appearance, three more players took the stage with their own thirty minute sets.  We called this 90 minute section “Harp Guitar Converts” – though, technically, aren’t we all?! However, we had not featured any of these players before, and […]

HGG14 – Alex Anderson

After last night’s Harp Guitar Gathering 14 banquet and a late night, we had to hit the ground running on Saturday morning. A quick Hilton breakfast, then over to this year’s venue, the beautiful old Methodist Church which grants us a place to do our thing (thanks to member Nancy Bennett and friends).  PS: Chuck […]

HGG14 – Friday Night Banquet Open Mic

You saw some of us at the Gathering Before the Storm on Thursday night, but now it’s: Day 1 of the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering in Milford, CT! Below, registration begins in the late afternoon at the Hilton Garden Inn.  The hotel was on top of their game when we were here five years ago…this […]

Harp Guitars at SBAIC

Healdsburg Guitar Show, Rest In Peace… It’s now the turn of Kevin Gillies’ Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration, a 3-day festival that debuted last weekend in beautiful Southern California. I’ll let others report on the event from their own perspectives – I’m sure there’ll be lot of forum chatter about the pros and cons.  My […]

Harp Guitar Extravaganzas Not to Miss

The first is for local L.A. residents who can stomach the traffic to the West Valley.  My first solo show in forever (so certainly an extravaganza for me!) – at the Woodland Hills Public Library at 3 pm September 17th.  I’ll bring a half dozen harp guitars for a free concert (hour+ of music and […]

Super-Treble Harp Guitar Videos

I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of players of “harp guitars with super-trebles” lately – along with the occasional new instrument – in new videos via Facebook and YouTube, so thought I’d do a quick update for those who might otherwise miss some of this news.  And thanks to all who alert me to […]

Guitarp Number 4!

Following his special appearance at the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering last October, the uber-talented Phil deGruy disclosed the news that he was having a new iteration built of his invention the Guitarp.  The special luthier he found was Vince Guidroz, “a humble man whose name is hard to find on the web, biz cards, etc.” […]

Harp Guitar Players Page Overhaul

After taking a hard look recently at the Players page, I realized it was overdue for an extensive overhaul.  I spent a fair amount of time coming up with a new system that was practical, fair and consistent (it was interesting to see where some folks ended up).  The result: even with the incredible […]

NAMM, 2016

This is going to be just a quick blog on this year’s NAMM in Anaheim, as my visit was very short (I actually now skip it most years).  I showed up at the crack o’ dawn last Saturday morning in order to “take a meeting” with the staff of the Carlsbad, CA Museum of Making […]

Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Sunday Workshops, Recital, Party!

  After another late night at the hotel after our Saturday evening concert wound down, it was up bright and early for our biggest series of workshops ever.  Notice I said “up,” not “awake.” At 9am we had 3 concurrent workshops… Stephen Bennett managed to teach a group his entire arrangement of Satie’s “Gymnopedie #1” […]

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