Harp Guitar Exhibit Souvenirs Now Available

Just in time for every musician on your Holiday shopping list, The Museum of Making Music has added 4 special items to their online store.


For those who missed our 15th anniversary Harp Guitar Gathering, and won’t be able to make it to Southern California before next May, this is your chance; all items are limited. Commemorative T-shirt and coffee mug, spiral-bound journal and an absolute must-have: the Museum’s gorgeous first ever exhibition catalog…and I should know – I spent almost a year on it!  The catalog expands upon the exhibit by telling a comprehensive story of the harp guitar in America (with a brief but succinct European introduction).  This is indeed a “remarkable” story – one that I’ve never told on Harpguitars.net quite like we’ve presented here.  Just the instrument on the cover should alert you to the fact that there are both treasures and new findings here (that’s the first surviving all-original Orville Gibson harp guitar from the 1903 catalog period discovered)!

PS: Errata: Apologies to those who contributed images for the book.  Despite our best proofing, the page numbers somehow moved and credited photos all appear 2 page #s higher than as listed on p.62.  Instrument owner page credits are correct.

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