Harp Guitars in the News

Apologies to those following my Summer Vacation series (SO much more cool stuff to come)…

I have to take a hiatus to concentrate on our upcoming public harp guitar exhibition in Carlsbad.  This will be major.

The Museum of Making Music’s “Notes” newsletter (at right) arrived in the mail the other day and I realized that I was, in fact, not actually dreaming all this.  It has proven to be a tremendous amount of work, with much more to do (well, I did push them to produce a fully-illustrated exhibition catalog…forgetting that I would then have to essentially write a book.)

magsMeanwhile, I am still hopeful (dreaming?) that my 10-years-in-the-making concept album might be complete by the Harp Guitar Gathering (25 tracks played on 25 different Knutsen and Larson instruments).  The fully illustrated book for that will have to follow, I’m afraid…

In other news, Peter Kohman has once again written a wonderful (and accurate!) article on Larson brothers harp guitars for Vintage Guitar magazine (left) which just hit the newsstands (September issue with Ritchie Blackmore on the cover).  Bob Hartman consulted and I contributed my archives.  Please support them.

And I just spent all day on another little surprise project with a new colleague that may be ready in time for the Gathering.

If this year doesn’t kill me, it’ll truly be a harp guitar miracle.


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