Our Harp Guitar Gathering Resort

We updated the hotel page with an additional clarification, as some couples may wish to book a room with one king-size bed.  Our rate for this room assumes 1 person and 1 breakfast voucher.  So tell the desk agent that you want to add an additional breakfast voucher.  The total daily room cost will thus be $10 additional.  If you don’t do this, breakfast (next door at Karl Strauss) will be their standard $15.95 at the door.

If a couple requests a room with 2 queen beds, our rate automatically includes two breakfast vouchers.

It’s convoluted due to hotel system and procedures (as they are subsidizing a portion of our breakfasts at an off-site restaurant), but the math and costs end up the same.  In essence, you can think of it this way: Any room – regardless of beds or number of persons – is the same base price of $139.  Our discounted breakfast vouchers are $10 each (per person, per day).

As invariable happens, you may get the one desk person on the phone who hasn’t yet “gotten the memo.”  So make sure they find us under “Harp Guitar” (Gathering, Foundation, Group, something), and you get our deal per Hotel details.

Contact us if you run into any problems.

Once at the hotel, you’ll be able to easily walk back and forth up and down the road a few hundred feet to the museum venue. For the Saturday night concert 3 miles up the freeway, we’ll be asking folks to offer/request rides with one another, as we expect plenty of attendees to have vehicles.

Please post on the Gathering’s Facebook page or contact us if you are willing to give a ride or need one and we will try to put you in contact with each other.

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