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Here’s something a little different that my harp guitar blog readers might find interesting: a new article I just published on my web site.

Friends and constituents know that I’ve long been interested in every form of plucked stringed instrument, from the mundane to the spectacular.

This particular instrument brings us the “mundane” – the common Autoharp (which of course its practitioners would call anything but mundane) – in its most spectacular form – the Concert Grand Autoharp of 1894-1899.

Amazingly, this is only the sixth specimen now known.  So rare that I acquired it accepting that it would forever remain an unplayable “wall hanger.”  But now it is not only restored but fully functional!

(Top left: 2014, upon receiving the “basket case”; Below: Spring, 2017, ready to rock and roll!)

Read all about this fascinating instrument and my unexpected journey with it here:

The C. F. Zimmermann Concert Grand Autoharp

  1. Mark Miner Says:

    What a neat project Gregg. It must have driven you crazy to wait for so long, but well worth it I can tell. Peter’s video really makes it complete.

  2. Michael Schreiner Says:

    Beautiful..Thanks for sharing.


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