Matching Grant Holiday Fundraiser

The Harp Guitar Foundation has been offered a second, very generous (and equally surprising) pledge of a matching grant of up to $5,000 from benefactor Ed Littlefield, Jr. (of HGG9 and also new David Dart koa harp guitar with vine inlay fame).

The 3-month window starts today (Easter Sunday) and runs until the 4th of July.  So while you’re celebrating those two occasions (and anywhere in-between), consider also celebrating the harp guitar!

Every dollar we receive from you will be matched by Ed after the closing date (up to the $5,000 pledge) – meaning that your support counts double.

Like the first fundraiser, we will track progress on the Foundation Donor page.

Thanks for your support!

PS: On May 31st, Stephen Bennett shared this inspirational letter.

  1. Steve Farmer Says:

    BRAVO Ed!

  2. Michael Schreiner Says:

    Thank you Ed for your generous support. I will be taking advantage of this offer and I encourage everyone to join in. A 100% return in 3 months is a phenomenal investment! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Donate now, don’t wait.


  3. Stephen Bennett Says:

    Thank you once again Ed!!!

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