Nine Inch Harp Guitars

Sorry, Trent – I couldn’t resist the cheap gag!

When Trent Reznor (founder of the acclaimed Nine Inch Nails) stopped by to investigate some unusual instruments, Jaci asked him for a photo playing one of them.  So he grabbed the (now signed) guestbook, which is enclosed in an elaborate paper-mache Dyer harp guitar – by complete coincidence, about nine inches wide.

Alas, I couldn’t interest him in renting (or posing him with) a full-size harp guitar to further the cause – though he and his friends were quite fascinated by all the visual variety.

I’ll tell you what transpired upon the project’s completion (something I’m probably not supposed to mention, lest his rabid fans twitter me to distraction).  The sample he played on his iPhone to give me a sense of what he was looking for was quite cool (with Atticus Ross, Trent did the scores for the last two David Fincher films).

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