From Kansas to Alaska

…recent harp guitarist sightings:

Last week, Mike Doolin wrote to tell me he made the Anchorage Daily News while touring Alaska with some friends.  Keep spreading the word, Mike!

Then just today, Nate Blaustein made the local Springfield (IL) Scene Magazine.  Nice!

Meanwhile, Winfield’s Walnut Valley Festival just wrapped up, after seeing its yearly dose of harp guitar.  Linda Morgan sent this pic of Stephen Bennett, joined this year for the first time by Andy Wahlberg!  He must have blown a few minds. Joe (Morgan) was of course also there, along with Dan LaVoie and Dennis Mitchell, who I understand was taking lots of photos….

Any other news from Winfield or further afield…?

  1. Dan and Bettie Says:

    Check out the latest FRETBOARD JOURNAL for some snazzy x-rays of guitars, especially a certain “goitar” now in the care of Stacy Hobbs.

    Also, a preview of my latest capture, to be seen in person at HGGX, will be forthcoming. Let us just toss out the words “Bruno” “apparent custom build” and “hula girl painting” to whet the interest of harp guitaraholics.

    More soon.

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