The Second Strumming of Maccaferri

Unlike last month’s major (and serious) blog on Christian Saggese, this is of course a light-hearted knockoff title meant to illustrate that this particular artist is decidedly not the “second coming” of Mario Maccaferri.

That would be me.  My only claim to fame is owning one of his personal harp guitars (at left).  This very day, as you read this, I am at the Harp Guitar Gathering, where (knock wood) I will be sharing with the audience X-rays of this instrument taken the day before with John Thomas at his university.

We’re X-raying this instrument partly to examine the amazing prototype internal resonator, and partly to help try to determine what alterations were done to it along the way.

Specifically, I obviously would like to know if it is the same instrument in this famous photo, or a duplicate.  I’ve already shown and discussed all I can on the Maccaferri Harp Guitars feature (this is a Member’s Only page), so this is the next step.

I also thought it would be fun to compare the instruments one-to-one by attempting to photograph it in the exact same setting and position as in the single photo of Maccaferri with his.

Ergo this experiment: (click to open images in Powerpoint)

(If you don’t have powerpoint, you’ll have to wait until I add standard photos)

Obviously, I needed to have the proper outfit (which Jaci wrangled)!  Will it suffice?  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the instrument perfectly aligned while trying to get my hair right, so it may be a lost cause…

I’ll let you know how the HGG9 segment goes when we return!

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