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Something I figured I’d have to do eventually – and that some of you have asked about – is incorporating directories for various blog topics on the appropriate site pages.  Obviously, my little sidebar categories quickly became redundant.

Some of the information, discoveries and photos from the blog will of course be integrated into the permanent galleries, major sections and assorted features (some already have been).  But since I may never catch up, and since there will always be little “fluff pieces” – mere snippets of information, or fun little things that don’t warrant incorporation into the existing articles  – I want everyone to be able to have better ways of finding them at any time in the future.

So I’ll slowly start adding these new specialized Blog Link pages, and point to them from the top of key pages.

For instance, I just did the Dyer entry.  I, myself, needed to find them all for this weekend’s Gathering , to re-cap all the latest findings for Bob Hartman’s presentation with John Thomas (I scheduled this to post after they do their presentation on Saturday).  A Google search on blog dyer soon found them all (and more).

After that, it wasn’t too hard to copy the titles and the thumbnails to create this simple visual list of The latest Dyer Discoveries from Gregg’s Blogg, which I can then add to at the same time I do any new Dyer-related blog.

Work for you?

P.S: I have also just updated the Dyer Harp Guitar section and Dyer Dating page to include the information from the Stertz Type 1, #125.

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