Gathering & Raffle Response…

…is pretty darn good! (especially considering the economy).  We appreciate everyone’s continued interest, and new interest from several new folks who can’t wait to meet us all (won’t they be surprised).  The latest is a fellow from Canada (Bob Piccott is his name) who doesn’t yet have a harp guitar.  I sent him to my recent blog where I point out (once again!) that it can often be a huge benefit to come before you own a harp guitar.  Bob shrewdly took me up on it, as I told him that there will definitely be several harp guitars for sale, at all price ranges (this year, perhaps more than usual).

Guitarists – if you’re instrumentally “bi-curious” (6-string or harp?), then come and be converted.  No one ever regrets it!

You might even go home with a great entry-level harp guitar for a measly $10 donation!

Raffle response is somewhat low key at the moment, so your odds are pretty good.  Even if you don’t win, you’re supporting a good cause, and we’ll list all of you as Supporting Donors on the permanent Harp Guitar Foundation donor page when we get back,

Deadline for Internet raffle chance is this Sunday at midnight!!!

Online Gathering registration and Concert Ticket sales close then as well.

  1. esimms Says:

    I have to admit that I have refrained from entering the raffle because I already own a HG and would prefer that it were won by someone who didn’t already own one. I’ve never won anything in in my life(aside from my wife’s hand in marriage, and that was a huge win!) so I doubt that I would win now, though some may some that I was overdue.


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