Healdsburg, Here We Come!

I recently decided to take a (long-needed) vacation and drive up with Frank (Doucette) to this year’s Healdsburg Guitar Festival in Santa Rosa.  We’ll take a long leisurely drive up the coast tomorrow, and head home Monday.  That’s so we can stay through Sunday evening to catch (and hang with) Stephen (Bennett).

Other HG friends we expect to see there (sadly, not including Fred Carlson) include John Thomas, Mike Doolin, Rich Mermer, Jim Worland, Duane Noble, Antoine Dufour (playing for Duane), Kathy Wingert (SB playing for her), Ken Bonfield, Jeff Titus and Alex deGrassi, and many other recent or occasional HG builders like Alan Beardsell, Harry Fleishman, Michael Greenfield, Charles Hoffman, Linda Manzer, Michi Matsuda, Alan Perlman, and hopefully some surprises.

If any other Blogg readers are going to be there, please say hello! (I’ll be the geek wearing some sort of Harp Guitar Gathering shirt, or perhaps the boxers…

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