Harp Guitar Gathering Update


To all Harp Guitar Gathering Attendees

6-22-11 Hotel Room update: The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is filling up fast –


When booking your room, use the group code: HGF

Hey gang, just a heads up.  The hotel tells us that the NON-Gathering rooms are nearly filled.   Our minimum block of rooms reserved for us is about half-filled, and when filled, there will likely be none left for our own overflow.  Ergo, I’d highly recommend booking ASAP.


We’re planning a trip to Yale University on Thursday, Oct 6, the day before the festivities start.

In the morning, we will be in the Medical Dept, X-raying harp guitars with John Thomas.  Time (and bodies allowed) will be fairly limited, but we are hoping for an additional harp guitar or two – if you have an original Gibson or other vintage instrument, please contact me.  Sorry, first come first served.

In the afternoon, we are going to visit the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments.  Public hours are from 1-4.  I would highly recommend that any and all historic guitar, keyboard, etc. aficionados join us (it is an important collection).   Additionally, I have a tentative agreement for a small private tour of their behind-the-scenes holdings.  Number of persons TBD, and I have no idea how many more we can squeeze in.  So again, space is at a premium unfortunately (contact me about waiting list).

I’m excited, how ’bout you?!

  1. Steve Farmer Says:

    This Harp Guitar Gathering thing just gets better and better!

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