Harp Guitar Shoppers Beware

This just in.  This is the second Dyer harp guitar I’ve seen offered on London Craiglist.  Again, it is a predatory scam.  Don Alder was getting ready to send 4 grand for this prize, but as usual, checked with me first.   Fortunately, this one is recognizable as the well-known “centered bridge” Style 6, serial #917.   It was sold on eBay about a year ago by owner Montaine Antiques to a private collector (where it still remains).

eBay of course was itself rampant with scams (harp guitars included) before they made it impossible for just anyone to contact bidders, so now all the eBay photos and listing text seems to be being lifted for Craigslist scams, and I imagine it’ll only be getting worse.

Avoid it, or at the very least, simply ask for a new photo of some particular angle or feature.  You won’t get a response, which means they don’t have the instrument.

Finally, I am always available for a broker service for 2 parties that don’t know each (ie: trust) each other, but sellers rarely want to bother.

  1. Benoit Says:

    A guy tryed to sale me my own HG Gibson some years ago. He got the photos from Ebay… Funny 😉

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