The Manufacturing Engineer of the Harp Guitar

That would be me.

OK, a lame little play on the last blog title.

We’ve got 3 key people out at work (did you know that Northrup Grumman now pays up to 6 weeks Paternity Leave?!…yes, that’s to allow the dad to bond with his new baby during the “critical period”…so when am I gonna get “Pet-ernity Leave”?!  Next puppy, I’m going for it…).

Anyway, I was stuck in the cleanroom for almost the whole 9 hours today filling in for the various key production people, and am I bushed, and boy, do I ever have “cleanroom bonnet hair head”).

Now I’ve gotta hit the studio (i.e.: padded closet) – before Frank (creative assistant Doucette) comes tomorrow night – to work on some more minor but tricky edits on final pieces by two well-known and popular harp guitarists (who must remain nameless until everyone is satisfied with the results).

Sorry to be so boring…off to work (for the second time today…)

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