The 11th Commandment

Thou shalt attend tonight’s screening of The Ten Commandments at Paramount …and wear something nice.  – my wife, Jaci, to me, this morning.

Ooops – forgot about it.   I’ll have to race down to Hollywood after work.  This is the newly-restored print showing for the studio employees.  Jaci’s doing the big costume jewelry exhibit again.  There’ll be food and drink, but I can’t even drink properly, as the movie’s over 3-1/2 hours long with no intermission!

See you tomorrow, hopefully back to harp guitars, if I survive.

  1. david powell Says:

    darn, I wish we woulda got this message, we woulda come to it, we were burning time after universal studios today..

  2. sb Says:

    I hope you wore your papal outfit. You could have done the Charlton Heston pose with it. Then I’m sure the security guards would have enjoyed hearing you talk about how really are the pope, the harp guitar pope. Hey Gus – come on in and check this guy out – he’s nuts!

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