Forum Down and Other Web Woes

Every couple of months, I see that the Forum host ( goes down (“can’t find the server…”).

Don’t panic if it happens.  It sometimes takes a couple hours, and sometimes a couple of days, but they usually seem to get it back up.

So far.

Knock wood.

Meanwhile, all of a sudden, the blog got dozens of spam comments (again!).  After 2 days of deleting them, I realized that that new spam filter plug-in (the Captcha code field one has to fill in) was gone.  Said it was active, I did the pending upgrade it wanted, called my host (godaddy) – couldn’t figure out, so went to email the guy who created it.  Saw his paypal Donate button, so figured I’d give him a little something before I complained.

Bingo!  The plug-in immediately reappeared.  Lesson: Don’t bite the hand that supplies free software (or remember to go back and “tip your developer…”

I still hate computers.

  1. Gregg Says:

    Yay – Forum back up, and no spam this morning.

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