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In case you don’t keep up with the HG.net Forum – Brad Hoyt, this year’s Gathering host, mentioned that he has managed to book himself twice a week leading up to the event, and is handing out dozens of fliers at each gig.  He also managed to distribute another 300 fliers at a major Indianapolis concert where Andy McKee plugged the event from the stage (before playing his new Greenfield HG, below).  Thanks, Andy!  This is Andy’s new joint tour with guitar celebs Eric Johnson and Peppino D’Agostino.

So hopefully we’ll have a nice crowd of locals at the concerts.  Meanwhile, HGG8 headliner Philippe Fouquet was just featured in another performance/interview video.

This is from Internet Radio fingerstyle guitar site La Note Picking.

Philippe says they’ve been playing cuts from the latest Harp Guitar Music releases. (By the way, if you’re a European blog-reader, remember that you can now order the entire HGM CD catalog direct from Philippe at Harpguitar.fr)

Philippe, I hope you can convince some more folks to fly over from Europe!

I did get a new festival registration from someone who’s name I had never heard.  Turns out he’s yet another 6-string player anxious to see, hear, try out, and ultimately buy, his first harp guitar.  I’ve advised another dozen hopeful players to do this very thing, but haven’t received a commitment or registration.  You won’t get this chance for another year, folks – Michael Ross Caniglia and his wife Connie are now coming for the weekend…how about you?!

A reminder that everyone needs to book their room by October 12th – that’s about a week left…

If you’re mailing in Registration forms, please do so by the end of this month.  OK to continue to use Paypal, but please don’t wait until the last minute, as we’ll be running around ourselves.  Last minute show-ups can still register and pay during Friday’s festivities, or even Saturday morning (which will be a madhouse).  See you there!

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