A Banner Day

No, nothing exciting is happening today…(not true, I’m working on getting some listings up at HGM, including 2 great sets of HG back & sides from Kerry – mango and myrtle – they were an extra surprise in the surprise packages…).

Meanwhile, I just wanted to point out the background I used for my banner logo above (nothing too fancy, I know…just something that came to me).  That’s my Dyer Style 8 in the foreground (still my most “personal” instrument, I suppose).  The background is not my home (I wish!), my town, nor even my continent.  That’s looking out the window of my friend Franco’s second home in Camogli, down the coast from Genoa, Italy (the extension of land we’re looking at).  I’ll be showing a couple more photos of the area (and beyond) during my talk at HGG8 this November.  It was a very memorable trip for me, and I just thought it an interesting touch to include a shot from it within the banner – representing the global history and activities – not to mention the connections and new friendships – of the harp guitar community.

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