Hula Lula – Yours for a Song!

Someone at the 15th Harp Guitar Gathering may be going home with a cheap date. That would be “Hula Lula” – and by cheap, I don’t mean to disparage this hourglass-figured diamond-in-the-rough – I’m talking about the bill. Dan Pease (of Harp Guitar Gathering regulars “Dan & Bets” fame) has generously donated his beloved for […]

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Floating Strings…

Holy Sub-basses, Batman!  This thing is happening! Before you click on the link…some updates: We always have a dozen late-comers to the Gathering and will accommodate them as always.  However, please be advised: Hotel filled up and we added another small block of rooms at our special rate.  We have this rate until late September […]

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Harp Guitars in the News

Apologies to those following my Summer Vacation series (SO much more cool stuff to come)… I have to take a hiatus to concentrate on our upcoming public harp guitar exhibition in Carlsbad.  This will be major. The Museum of Making Music’s “Notes” newsletter (at right) arrived in the mail the other day and I realized […]

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Scotland Part 3: Friday and Saturday Adventures

My narrative now picks up Friday morning (June 2, 2017), after a decent night’s sleep with dreams of huge tastenguitarren-playing owls, definitely a new combination for my overly-susceptible subconscious.  As AMIS went straight into their full day of research papers at Reid Hall, Jaci and I went off for more play time.  As our Edinburgh […]

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Scotland Part 2: Everything from Owls to Keyed Guitars

Thursday, June 1, 2017: After the AMIS opening reception at Edinburgh’s St. Cecilia’s Hall (new home of the Musical Instrument museum) then our first pub and now tremendously jet-lagged we slept like the dead.  Assuming the dead similarly jolt awake at all hours during their bedtime and have really weird dreams.  So no, 12 fitful […]

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Miner Milestone

Hey all – had to take a short break from my Europe blog series to see my folks – Robert (last month) and Vivian Miner (next week) each made it to 90 years old, and another wedding anniversary. Needless to say, I am fortunate and thankful to have them such a part of my life. […]

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Scotland Part 1: Arrival in Edinburgh

After my quick introduction to this year’s Summer Adventure Double Header, we begin with a 12-hour transatlantic flight from Los Angeles to Amsterdam (nice airport!), then a quick hop to Edinburgh.  My wife Jaci and I were headed there for a joint meeting of the European Galpin Society and the American Musical Instrument Society. For […]

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Summer Adventure Double Header

Once again, my wife Jaci and I managed to find first one excuse, then another, to get back to Europe this year!  It was two packed weeks of fun and work (I’m leaving the “air quotes” off the latter in case the IRS is reading) – with friends and colleagues from around the world.  As […]

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HGG15 Logo Contest Winners

I have to say that this was a lot of fun for me… …and 3 other readers.  Yes, in the 30 days of the worldwide public contest, we got exactly three submissions. And all 3 are winners – just for playing! Winner #1 is my brother, Mark with 15.55 points (no, we didn’t have a […]

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Do or Dyer: Archiving Harp Guitar History

A few months ago, The Harp Guitar Foundation was able to purchase a complete 1907/1908 W. J. Dyer & Bro. catalog (thank you, donors!).  Robert Carl Hartman (Bob, to his friends) and I worked out a plan for him to contribute and eventually own the original. The seller would not share much information on the […]

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