HGG12: Luthiers

Welcome to our continuing series on the12th Harp Guitar Gathering.  I just added several more photos to our last episode.  And now, after a quick lunch break, we begin our afternoon session: First up was a special presentation by Dave and Anthony Powell on their special Freedom Tree Harp Guitar project.  I don’t seem to […]

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HGG12: Saturday Morning Presentations

After last night’s rousing opening night banquet, raffle, open mic and socializing (btw, I added a couple more photos to that post), all and sundry gradually stumbled off to bed. Next morning was the annual herding cats business to get everyone into the North Idaho College Boswell Hall Rehearsal Room to begin the festival. I […]

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HGG12: Friday Night Banquet

And we’re off! Friday night’s hotel banquet dinner included lots of old friends and some new faces.  New Gathering attendees this year were Tom & Mary Pat Cook, Stephen & Marie Bekessy, Gerry Camp, Roger Billerey-Mosier, Scot Tremblay, Marcus Volk & Sarah Jolley and John Littel. The natives getting restless.  The Powell brothers kindly brought […]

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HGG12: Pre-Event

Countdown to the 12th annual Harp Guitar Gathering! I begin my trip report with Day Minus 2, as we arrived Wednesday afternoon in gorgeous Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! (Photos – other than radio show – are mine or Linda Morgan’s) Several of us arrived by dinnertime Wednesday (2 days before the event): Jaci & I, Frank […]

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Phil deGruy, Ten Years After

When we heard that Guitarp master Phil deGruy was going to make a rare Los Angeles appearance, Frank (Doucette) and I went nuts. For those new to Phil — or his invention, the Guitarp — check out my original in-depth profile and interview: Phil deGruy: Limitless Guitar He played a single gig last night (at Alva’s […]

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Schneiderman Plays the Blues

…and late 19th century guitar music, Americana, Bluegrass, Russian guitar music, lute music, classical repertoire and pretty much any style he wants…as guitar & lute multi-instrument and multi-string virtuoso John Schneiderman made the rounds of some of the Miner Museum’s harp guitars last Sunday.  Had we had time for the banjo case, he would’ve explored […]

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Separated at Birth

I’m almost at the point where I could emulate those great old Mandolin Brothers catalogs where Stan Jay and staff dressed up in outfits duplicating some old iconic musical group photo and posed similarly with the exact same instrument models that they had then in stock.  They really went the extra mile and obviously had […]

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Neue Video der Neuen Wiener Concert Schrammeln

Our friend in Vienna, Peter Havlicek, sent a link to the group’s brand new “official” video (click image below). As they say in real estate, they apparently say in Schrammelmusik…location, location, location! Very nice, gents!

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John Sullivan’s Final Harp Guitar

Though I like to keep my two harp guitar enterprises separate (Harpguitars.net and Harp Guitar Music), I often have opportunities to merge or cross-reference the two that are simply too valuable to pass up. For example, when I received a special Lance McCollum harp guitar for consignment a couple years back, it instigated a whole […]

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Harp Guitar Special Delivery

No, it’s not the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story (although I do feel like I’ve won a “major award”)… It’s just the largest – or longest – harp guitar I’ve yet to receive. Or so I hope. So let’s take it inside and open this sucker! (Careful with that crowbar – you’ll poke […]

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