Wikipedia: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Faithful readers know well my feelings regarding Wikipedia.  And OK, I agree that it’s not all bad.  As you know, my negativity initially stemmed from its “harp guitar” entry which has been totally out of control since its inception. Volunteers are constantly futzing with the Wikipedia HG entry, with no improvement that I can see.  […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Epilogue

For those just joining me, this is the final episode of my rather extensive 12-part May/June, 2015 Travelogue.  After the very rewarding AMIS conference in Boston, I would now stop home for two and a half emotional days in Chicago with my family.  Be forewarned that this blog will be something a bit different, having […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Boston Part 3

Boston Day 4-6 Last night, the American Musical Instrument Society conference got off to a great start with instrument demonstrations at the MFA, and now I’m going to cover the remainder of the event. As most of the AMIS papers for Thursday appeared to be well over my head and outside my field, I took […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Boston Part 2

Boston Day 3 After yesterday’s introduction to the MFA musical instrument staff and harp guitars, on Wednesday, Steve and Frank took me for a drive up through some of the nicer neighborhoods and up along the picturesque Boston coast. We ended up in Rockport.  There’s a gorgeous little acoustic music concert hall in town – […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Boston Part 1

Boston, Day 1 & 2 After nine days in Europe – our Genoa stay, then three days in Mulhouse – I had finally recovered from the jet lag…just in time to now head back to the States.  Oh well, at least I was largely awake for this next leg.  I was stopping off in Boston […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 4

Last episode ended with our impromptu exploration of a local historical church, after which James Kline, Andy Wahlberg and Jaci and I took Ben’s advice and drove out to explore the Ecomusee d’Alsace. The gist of this unique park and “living museum” (gleaned from our visit and a small English booklet we bought) is to […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 3

Mulhouse, France Day 2 Evening > Day 3 The last episode of our serial adventure ended with a classic cliffhanger…the public was starting to arrive and mill about, I was due to present my PowerPoint lecture in 15 minutes, and there wasn’t a computer in sight!  I frantically ran around polling the group and just […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 2

Mulhouse, France Day 2 As I think Jaci and I were the only two not staying in the adorable bunk bed barracks of the college dorm last night, we were on our own the next day and again slept in.  Hoping to get a map of the area so she could go off on her […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 1

Mulhouse, Day 1 After a week in Genoa, it was time for the Harp Guitar Europe International Festival so we had to get to Mulhouse, France and quick! Our dear friend Alberto Basso kindly drove us the two hours up the coast to Nice, where we boarded a small puddle-jumper to the EuroAirport, that most […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Genoa Part 4

Genoa, Days 6-7 Yesterday’s video shoot left us pretty well exhausted (even the indefatigable octogenarian Franco), so we arose for our final full day in Genoa long after the sun had been out and warmed the noisy family of seagulls outside the patio that had so annoyed us during the previous day’s work. We now […]

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