New Nylon LaBella Sub-Bass Sets

New LaBella harp guitar sub-bass sets are ready! As I mentioned in last month’s New Strings blog, I hoped to commission some new custom nylon sub-bass gauges to fill in some missing gaps. I’m happy to report that LaBella came through quickly, and I next immediately had them tension tested at Silva Labs (Steve’s garage). […]

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Wally’s World

In which we take a short break from harp guitars for this brief personal story… Leave it to an old folkie like me (no puns, please) to be completely clueless about Gotye, the creative multi-Grammy winning, Billboard-topping, alternative music pop star. All I knew was that a musical instrument dealer colleague of mine (on his […]

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Harp Ukes – the Next Craze

…at least, that’s my prediction.  Harp guitars have become hugely popular of course, but they can be expensive.  Harp ukuleles are a comparative bargain.  And they’re similarly cool with unique possibilities. After those 2 waves of aNueNue harp ukes sold (some 160+ instruments!), the number of YouTube videos has grown by leaps and bounds. And […]

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Abaji Redux

Yesterday I had another visit by my irrepressible multicultural friend Abaji from France.  He and business partner Fabrice were in town for more film industry meetings (including some impressive names). He was blown away by the volume of some of the recent vintage harp guitar acquisitions (Harmony, Bohmann, Weymann, Carlson).  But the tone of the […]

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The Land of Harp Guitars That Time Forgot

It began almost four years ago, when mandolin buff Jim Garber discovered this extremely cool hollow arm mandolin in an Australian museum. But beyond an additional small image of the maker with his harp guitar-playing brother, there seemed to be little out there on the enigmatic Cera brothers – Italian musician-luthiers who had settled in […]

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Sub-Bass Redux

Today’s blog title refers to the fact that I just fully revamped all of my string sets at Harp Guitar Music, both steel and nylon.  And, man, is my brain fried! It took 8 years for someone (DR Strings) to take harp guitars seriously, and it’s taken even more than that for anyone to figure […]

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Schedule of Events for the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering

As announced on our Facebook page, we just posted the Schedule of Events and Registration information for HGG13 (book now!).  We managed to be well ahead of the game this year, both in lining up the venue and all local details (thanks to our excellent host, Randall Sprinkle) and also performers and workshops. We hope […]

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Goodsearch the Web and Support the Harp Guitar Cause

The Bennetts told me about this two weeks ago – they stopped Googling and have been using Goodsearch for some time now.  It’s a nice idea.  You do a super-quick sign up and choose a cause (for example, The Harp Guitar Foundation, which is now registered as a choice under Arts & Culture – just type […]

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Harp Guitar Inspiration

It was planned as a relaxing get-together weekend with friends Stephen & Nancy Bennett and Joe & Linda Morgan, but turned out having additional significance as a sort of “Stephen’s Muse Sightseeing Travelogue.”  So this will in fact be an actual harp guitar blog! For four nights last weekend we shared a big rental beach […]

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Harp-guitar – It’s Official!

I’m still pinching myself, as I honestly never thought that this day would ever come.  “Harp-guitar” is officially a new organological term. The new Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (Second Edition) was finally published in December and has been shipping out in the last month.  It contains the first valid entry for the instrument we […]

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