HGG14: The Luthiers

Continuing the coverage of the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering… We wrapped up the long-awaited harp guitar debut of Don Ross, and began our Luthier Panel, something we have done every single year since HGG1.  We had two last-minute trip cancellations (Duane Noble and Max Monterosso) which gave us the opportunity to include some new faces. […]

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Manzarene Dreams

What a great sub-title for the latest repackaging of the 1927-29 78rpm recordings of the legendary gospel singer/fretless zitherist Washington Phillips. Readers may recall my report and analysis of the 2015 newspaper clipping discovery by reporter Michael Corcoran that revealed Phillip’s original instrument and its colorful name.  The new release by Dust to Digital (another […]

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HGG14: Don Ross

Lots of different harp guitar styles during Saturday morning’s segments at the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering.  No sooner did we finish with four new features, than we moved on to a fifth, Canadian Don Ross. Yes, that Don Ross!  With many of the hottest fingerstyle players – McKee, Alder, Dufour, de Grassi and more recently […]

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HGG14 – Harp Guitar Converts

With nary a pause after Alex Anderson ended his Saturday morning debut Harp Guitar Gathering 14 appearance, three more players took the stage with their own thirty minute sets.  We called this 90 minute section “Harp Guitar Converts” – though, technically, aren’t we all?! However, we had not featured any of these players before, and […]

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HGG14 – Alex Anderson

After last night’s Harp Guitar Gathering 14 banquet and a late night, we had to hit the ground running on Saturday morning. A quick Hilton breakfast, then over to this year’s venue, the beautiful old Methodist Church which grants us a place to do our thing (thanks to member Nancy Bennett and friends).  PS: Chuck […]

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HGG14 – Friday Night Banquet Open Mic

You saw some of us at the Gathering Before the Storm on Thursday night, but now it’s: Day 1 of the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering in Milford, CT! Below, registration begins in the late afternoon at the Hilton Garden Inn.  The hotel was on top of their game when we were here five years ago…this […]

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HGG14 – Pre-Gathering Gatherers

Like Harp Guitar Gathering 9 in Milford, CT (was that really five years ago?) hosts Stephen and Nancy Bennett kindly invited any and all early-arrivals to stop by Thursday night.  Coming from L.A., we always seem to arrive last, but at least it makes for a nice, dramatic entrance.  Old and new friends there to […]

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Time Capsule, Feb, 2007: Miner Museum Acquires Important Rare Specimens

I was reminded of this important story last weekend at the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering (report coming soon).  It has been archived exclusively on the Harpguitars.net Members Page until today, when – nearly ten years later – I figured it was time to share with the multitudes who otherwise might never make the effort to […]

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Harp Guitars at SBAIC

Healdsburg Guitar Show, Rest In Peace… It’s now the turn of Kevin Gillies’ Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration, a 3-day festival that debuted last weekend in beautiful Southern California. I’ll let others report on the event from their own perspectives – I’m sure there’ll be lot of forum chatter about the pros and cons.  My […]

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More High School Memories

I haven’t done one of my personal blogs for awhile, and this just came in, so we interupt our regularly scheduled harp guitar blogs for this nostalgic moment. My brother Mark went to his 45th high school reunion last night.  To “prep,” he got out his yearbooks for a quick cram session. Having graduated two […]

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