NAMM, 2016

This is going to be just a quick blog on this year’s NAMM in Anaheim, as my visit was very short (I actually now skip it most years).  I showed up at the crack o’ dawn last Saturday morning in order to “take a meeting” with the staff of the Carlsbad, CA Museum of Making […]

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Jeff Martin’s Public Acknowledgment and Apology

Not! And Stephen Bennett is still waiting. (DISCLAIMER: All conclusions and opinions in this story are my own.  I am not writing this blog for, nor on the behalf of, Stephen.) To fans of the Tea Party and Jeff Martin who may stumble across this post: I’ve got some bad news to report.  But I’m […]

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Knutsen Double Vision

Double your courses, double your inventory, double your fun! I can safely say that growing up I would have never predicted I would one day lay claim to the title of “owner of half of the world’s supply of Knutsen harp-taropatches.”  (“Harp-Taropatchi”?) And yet that is the strange and unlikely status I have recently achieved […]

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Vardon, Perry and…Wilbers?

Well, they’ve led me a merry chase, but I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of the story of Vardon, Perry and Wilber. Make that six Wilbers…and counting… This early 20th century vaudeville act is already somewhat unusual for its career-spanning dedicated use of harp guitars.   But more unusual is how popular and long-running […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Sunday Workshops, Recital, Party!

  After another late night at the hotel after our Saturday evening concert wound down, it was up bright and early for our biggest series of workshops ever.  Notice I said “up,” not “awake.” At 9am we had 3 concurrent workshops… Stephen Bennett managed to teach a group his entire arrangement of Satie’s “Gymnopedie #1” […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Saturday Evening Concert

After a full morning and afternoon of harp guitar presentations at the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering, we broke for dinner and our crew (us) set the stage for the public concert.  As with the last 3 blogs, all photos are by our own CHGP (Certified Harp Guitar Photographer) Chuck Thompson. Here’s the simple but lovely […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Saturday Afternoon Presentations

After some very cool and unusual Saturday morning performer presentations and some lunch hour music, we gathered for this year’s Luthier Panel. Tony Karol, who drove from his home near Toronto, played the role of Luthier Host for the first time, though I was bummed that he himself didn’t present (apparently he hasn’t finished a […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Saturday Morning Presentations

On to the second day of the 13th annual Harp Guitar Gathering!  After a late Friday night – (who could possibly go to bed with that kind of party?!), we all set our alarms bright and early… Our founder SB…a quick cup o’ joe and he’s off to the venue to get things prepped. His […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: Friday Night Banquet and Open Mic

If SB and I took cuts in the dinner line (and I’m not saying we did), it was because we had to finish so we could get the evening’s festivities going with our first-time host, Randall Sprinkle! After the introductions (including announcing the next two Gathering dates), we got right into our Open Mic party.  […]

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Harp Guitar Gathering 13: A First Timer’s Experience

After our pre-Gathering party introduction last week, this week’s episode is a guest blog by a Newbie to our world – Tony Barnard, who came all the way from London even though he didn’t yet have his harp guitar (he’s expecting his custom Stephen Sedgwick any week now…). Before he showed up, I didn’t know […]

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