Harp Guitars at SBAIC

Healdsburg Guitar Show, Rest In Peace… It’s now the turn of Kevin Gillies’ Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration, a 3-day festival that debuted last weekend in beautiful Southern California. I’ll let others report on the event from their own perspectives – I’m sure there’ll be lot of forum chatter about the pros and cons.  My […]

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More High School Memories

I haven’t done one of my personal blogs for awhile, and this just came in, so we interupt our regularly scheduled harp guitar blogs for this nostalgic moment. My brother Mark went to his 45th high school reunion last night.  To “prep,” he got out his yearbooks for a quick cram session. Having graduated two […]

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Harp Guitar Extravaganzas Not to Miss

The first is for local L.A. residents who can stomach the traffic to the West Valley.  My first solo show in forever (so certainly an extravaganza for me!) – at the Woodland Hills Public Library at 3 pm September 17th.  I’ll bring a half dozen harp guitars for a free concert (hour+ of music and […]

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Super-Treble Harp Guitar Videos

I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of players of “harp guitars with super-trebles” lately – along with the occasional new instrument – in new videos via Facebook and YouTube, so thought I’d do a quick update for those who might otherwise miss some of this news.  And thanks to all who alert me to […]

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Bohmann’s Contra Bass Harp Guitars

Six months ago, I wrote about a giant circa 1900 baritone harp guitar by F. W. Walton (the one on the right).  In that article, I theorized that Walton may have copied a then-recent creation of Chicago’s Joseph Bohmann – namely, his Contra Bass Harp Guitar (on the left). Incredibly, at least four of these […]

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Harp Guitars in the Stearns Collection

In my June description of the recent AMIS meeting in Vermillion, South Dakota, I mentioned the new discoveries I made in the very first morning session: “The Finds of a Curio-Hunter: Frederick Stearns and His Collection” – presented by previous collection curator Chris Dempsey. I’ve since done some follow-on research and am ready to report! […]

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Herman the Hermit

Another “Bringing You Historical Harp Guitar News Wherever It Occurs” bulletin! This one has just the teensiest peripheral harp guitar inclusion, but is such a great piece I had to share it. My friend Guy DeVillez (you may remember his baritone Walton harp guitar that I blogged about, since passed along to another friend) found […]

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Harwood Harp Guitars But Were Afraid To Ask

And I do mean everything. Back in 2004, included from the very beginning of Harpguitars.net, I had posted a short page on “Harwood” harp guitars.  That unassuming article has since expanded in surprising directions and grown by leaps and bounds, fueled by a continuing wave of new discoveries from all sorts of friends, colleagues, strangers […]

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Gibson Harp Guitars: To the World’s Fair and Beyond!

This one was so cool it quickly outgrew the blog to become a Harp Guitar of the Month and permanent part of our growing Gibson section of Harpguitars.net…read on!

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AMIS at the National Music Museum

Last week I took you through my personal first time tour of the very impressive National Music Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota. I was there to attend the annual meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society – and will share here a brief recap of my experiences, so you can meet some of the other […]

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