The Ghosts of Christmas Past

My own personal “Ghosts of Christmas Past” are coming back to haunt me…   They are the two captivating women (mother and daughter?) on the cover of my 2006 harp guitar compilation CD, originally from a beautiful c.1920s photo I bought on eBay specifically for the purpose. My genius artist friend Tim Baker helped me […]

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A Michael Bay Christmas

OK, I’m exaggerating – there were no actual explosions or Santas turning into giant robots. The most violent action seen was just me dodging errant snowballs flung about by innocent toddlers. Still, the Paramount Studios annual Christmas Tree Lighting Party for their employees was quite the spectacle (and yes, Michael Bay was there). This is […]

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Harp Guitar David vs. Goliath

The current Harp Guitar of the Month – another one-of-a-kind instrument – got me thinking again of Albert Shutt, a truly interesting footnote in the history of Gibson mandolins and guitars (and harp guitars). Those in the know – which presumably include many early Gibson instrument fanatics – have probably read my original 2008 article […]

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Recent Harp Guitar Relatives

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some of the very latest harp guitar projects in last week’s blog. Not unsurprisingly, I run across some pretty interesting new “harp guitar relatives” as well. While this first instrument could probably be re-strung as an electric harp guitar, it’s not quite that. Aaron Grad tells me he built […]

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Recent Harp Guitar Builds

Time to catch up on several months of new instruments out there!  Turns out there’s so much, I’m going to split this into 2 blogs… First, a reminder to everyone commissioning or building a new harp guitar project to please send me photos and info (or a link) for inclusion on  It’s hard to […]

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Harp Guitar Bucket List

No, I haven’t actually made such a list…but if I had, I would’ve just checked off a major one! Yes, I have joined the elite club of those who’ve had songs written for them by guitarist/harp guitarist Stephen Bennett. It’s taken a dozen years of sucking up, but at last I managed to inspire the […]

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HGG12: Post-Gathering Pub Crawl

Technically, there was only one pub, but some of us did have to crawl out of it after our final closing night party. Unlike other guitar festivals, our participants and attendees tend to form one giant extended family over the weekend, so we like to plan something where everyone can hang out together – be […]

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HGG12: Sunday

Typically after our big Saturday night concert the participants head back to the hotel to party into the wee hours (above). However, as a lot of us (staff mainly) hadn’t had a moment to have a bite of dinner, we chose to go out and eat (and more importantly, drink) at 11+ o’clock. We didn’t […]

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HGG12: Saturday Night Concert

Following the last presentation of the afternoon in North Idaho College’s Rehearsal Room, we moved over to the wonderful Schuler Performing Arts Center to prep for the main concert.  I must say, this is the nicest auditorium we’ve yet been in, and never have I been so impressed by the technical staff.  Just superlative on every […]

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HGG12: Arranging for Harp Guitar Without a Net

After Saturday afternoon’s Luthier presentations we had a final session, and one not to be missed! We’ve tried two special Arranging for Harp Guitar segments in the past.  At HGG9, Frank picked a tune (“Coilsfield House”) and volunteers Stephen Bennett, Muriel Anderson and Andy Wahlberg went offstage for just 15 minutes, then came back to […]

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