I just received photos of a hilarious (but ingenious) experimental instrument created by new Harpguitars.net member Tony Barnard (Australian guitarist now living in the U.K.).  Though he considers it more of a joke than anything else, I saw it as a perfect, literal demonstration of the ironic fact that all harp guitars (well, 99.99%) are [...]

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Harp Guitar Blues

Still lamenting the severe drop in sales of physical CDs (no, that’s not the “blues” I’m speaking of in the title), it was thus surprising to get multiple orders out of the blue for Tom Shinness’ CD “Translucent Harp” (a must-have, by the way). This typically means that “something is up” (sales were from New [...]

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Summer Arrives Early

Aren’t we still a couple months away?  I was surprised to find in my PO Box today an advance copy of the Summer, 2014 issue of the new Ukulele magazine (from the folks who publish Acoustic Guitar). The reason I received it was because the closing page “Great Ukes” article for this fifth issue features [...]

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Dyer Harp Guitar Catalog Found!

For Bob Hartman (who’s been waiting thirty-five years for this moment) and me, this is a bit of “Holy Grail ephemera.” I expect the hundred-plus Dyer owners will appreciate it as well, along with the general vintage guitar world.  I just published a full public article on it here, while the catalog itself is archived [...]

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D’Addario Harp Guitar Sub-Bass Strings Close-out

As of today, I am discontinuing D’Addario phosphor bronze strings at my web store  – as I am switching to a new Harp Guitar Music exclusive vendor (finally, after all these years!). So I’m discounting all D’Addario phosphor bronze stock (see Harp Guitar Music web page). New upcoming strings will be same quality as D’Addario [...]

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New Photos of Old Knutsens

As I’ve been slowly going through my Knutsen Archives backlog, I’ve enjoyed looking again at all the fantastic historical photos gathering in my files.  I’ll add them to the official Knutsen Historical Photographs page eventually.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick run-down, with some sources and stories behind them.  I’ll go in roughly chronological order not of [...]

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Harp Guitar Inundation

Remember when I used to blog once a day?  I don’t.  It must have been an alternate universe; I can just keep up with one a week at this point. But not this week, ergo this “stall tactics” place filler blog.  Feel free to wait until next issue, as this may be too much ado [...]

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Road Trip – Destination: Humanitar!

Continuing the saga of the mother of all harp guitars − Fred Carlson’s outrageous  Humanitar − here’s the complete photo journal of our trip to witness the official performance debut of what Acoustic Guitar called “Dali-like playfulness”  featuring Alex de Grassi (and friends). Photos are by Bina Titus or myself, unless otherwise noted. Frank and [...]

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It Lives! Unveiling the Humanitar

Not only from the mind of Fred Carlson, but from the workshop of Fred Carlson. He’s made stunningly creative harp guitars that are both exquisite musical instruments and works of art. He’s invented imaginary musical instruments, captured in poetry and woodcuts. (A Luthier’s Alphabet of Imaginary Instruments available from the Guild of American Luthiers) And [...]

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Cataloging Early Gibson Harp Guitars

Flipping through the February 2014 Vintage Guitar magazine the other day at the newsstand, I ran across a new piece by George Gruhn on harp guitars; a short feature on a rare early Style R (that Gruhn currently has for sale).  He puts it (#4626) at 1906, while I had it placed at c.1905 (as [...]

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