Goodsearch the Web and Support the Harp Guitar Cause

The Bennetts told me about this two weeks ago – they stopped Googling and have been using Goodsearch for some time now.  It’s a nice idea.  You do a super-quick sign up and choose a cause (for example, The Harp Guitar Foundation, which is now registered as a choice under Arts & Culture – just type […]

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Harp Guitar Inspiration

It was planned as a relaxing get-together weekend with friends Stephen & Nancy Bennett and Joe & Linda Morgan, but turned out having additional significance as a sort of “Stephen’s Muse Sightseeing Travelogue.”  So this will in fact be an actual harp guitar blog! For four nights last weekend we shared a big rental beach […]

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Harp-guitar – It’s Official!

I’m still pinching myself, as I honestly never thought that this day would ever come.  “Harp-guitar” is officially a new organological term. The new Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (Second Edition) was finally published in December and has been shipping out in the last month.  It contains the first valid entry for the instrument we […]

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Busy in Austria

My talented friend Joachim Csaikl (tracks on Further Beyond Six Strings and Christmas Present) has been working hard on his harp guitar career lately and is getting some nice visibility. Besides his continual gigs, he has made a whole slew of new videos which are up on his new YouTube channel.  Production is static and […]

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Harp Guitars on Fire

Pretty dramatic photo, isn’t it?  I wonder if harp guitars go up faster than 6-strings? This is harp guitar builder Steve Wishnevsky’s shop which burned to the ground 3 days ago.  I was alerted to the tragedy by Wishnevsky fan John Riley.  There’s a fundraiser already going to get Steve back up and running. By […]

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The Return of the Dyer Harp Guitar

A couple weeks back, when Jim Worland ordered some string sets, I asked “Are these for some new Holloways?” He said no, for the “Dyers.” It made me realize that I’m gonna have to start getting used to specifying what Dyers people are talking about – vintage Larson Dyers, or modern Dyers! For Scott went […]

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Huge, Huger, Hugest

Yes, I looked it up and they’re real words.  And just the words to describe Gibson’s harp guitars as we travel backwards in time through their first years of production. I finally managed to score a long-time goal: a fine example of the 12-bass, long- scale Gibson!  According to the spreadsheet Benoit (Meulle-Stef) and I […]

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Remembering John Bilezikjian

Last weekend I heard the news that Los Angeles area oud master John Bilezikjian had passed away just days before on January 19th. The news brought back memories of some unusual musical moments in my life.  Though I didn’t really know John, I ran into him from time to time in Los Angeles, which wasn’t […]

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The Harwood Lyre-Thingy

No, not exactly a “harp”-something, but a cool hollow arm American invention all the same – and a Harwood I’d never encountered before! I was excited to see this wonderfully weird lyre-shaped Harwood “Harp Bandurria” in a c.1907/1908 J. W. Jenkins’ Sons catalog sold two months ago on eBay.  Fortunately, the seller helped me track […]

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Awards Season

I’ve never been one to pay too much attention to awards…mainly, I suppose because I’ve never won anything. But I’m of course happy for any friends and colleagues who do manage to snag some “official recognition.”  For example, Muriel Anderson, whose Nightlight Daylight CD won 10 various awards last year, and John Doan, crowned in […]

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