New Harp Guitar Players, Builders and Music, Part 1

After focusing on Brin Addison 2 blogs ago, I’m now catching up on the many new players and their videos and recordings, along with a couple new builders and instruments they’re using.  This Part 1 features the larger group of “contemporary music” players.  I’ve undoubtedly missed a few as I can’t keep up with all […]

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What Are They Playing in Heaven Today?

This week’s blog is not harp guitar-related, but on a different topic I long ago became associated with: the gospel music of Washington Phillips (my title being of course a riff on one of his best-known songs). Phillips’ popularity continues to increase among musicians of all stripes, and for multiple reasons – one being the […]

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So who exactly IS Brin Addison and why is he suddenly Harp Guitarist of the Month?

You gotta love the Internet.  After all, it made a rock star of our friend Andy McKee (of course it also made a star out of Justin Bieber).  Lots of players we know have gotten some great – and sudden – PR, and the harp guitar, for better or worse, keeps getting its “15 minutes […]

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Orville’s Harp Guitars

I’m speaking of course of Orville Gibson…and the rarest of the rare: harp guitars he designed and built before the Gibson Company was even a figment of anyone’s imagination. What do we know?  Extremely little.  There is just one surviving Orville harp guitar known – but it is a doozy!   It’s his outrageous floor-standing model, […]

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21st Century Dyer Harp Guitars

By now you all know that Scott Holloway (who came to fame as the creator of the imported entry-level Holloway harp guitars) teamed up with luthier Jim Worland and set up shop in South Pasadena, California as the Dyer Harp Guitar Co.  Happily, the name (now a registered trademark) appears to be in good hands.  […]

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Essential New Books

Faithful readers are familiar with my occasional “book reports,” which usually turn out to be rants, as so many guitar books invariably screw up anything they try to include about harp guitars.  So it’s nice to have something nice to say for once! Harp guitars and harp mandolins each make a sizable appearance in two […]

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Wikipedia: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

9/1/2015: And I’m out!  Well, I figured it was too good to be true.  It looked really good while it lasted – in fact, so good I added it to my site here: It wasn’t my content (that I know of), but possibly something to do with those who set up my page or […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Epilogue

For those just joining me, this is the final episode of my rather extensive 12-part May/June, 2015 Travelogue.  After the very rewarding AMIS conference in Boston, I would now stop home for two and a half emotional days in Chicago with my family.  Be forewarned that this blog will be something a bit different, having […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Boston Part 3

Boston Day 4-6 Last night, the American Musical Instrument Society conference got off to a great start with instrument demonstrations at the MFA, and now I’m going to cover the remainder of the event. As most of the AMIS papers for Thursday appeared to be well over my head and outside my field, I took […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Boston Part 2

Boston Day 3 After yesterday’s introduction to the MFA musical instrument staff and harp guitars, on Wednesday, Steve and Frank took me for a drive up through some of the nicer neighborhoods and up along the picturesque Boston coast. We ended up in Rockport.  There’s a gorgeous little acoustic music concert hall in town – […]

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