Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 3

Mulhouse, France Day 2 Evening > Day 3 The last episode of our serial adventure ended with a classic cliffhanger…the public was starting to arrive and mill about, I was due to present my PowerPoint lecture in 15 minutes, and there wasn’t a computer in sight!  I frantically ran around polling the group and just […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 2

Mulhouse, France Day 2 As I think Jaci and I were the only two not staying in the adorable bunk bed barracks of the college dorm last night, we were on our own the next day and again slept in.  Hoping to get a map of the area so she could go off on her […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: France Part 1

Mulhouse, Day 1 After a week in Genoa, it was time for the Harp Guitar Europe International Festival so we had to get to Mulhouse, France and quick! Our dear friend Alberto Basso kindly drove us the two hours up the coast to Nice, where we boarded a small puddle-jumper to the EuroAirport, that most […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Genoa Part 4

Genoa, Days 6-7 Yesterday’s video shoot left us pretty well exhausted (even the indefatigable octogenarian Franco), so we arose for our final full day in Genoa long after the sun had been out and warmed the noisy family of seagulls outside the patio that had so annoyed us during the previous day’s work. We now […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Genoa Part 3

Genoa, Days 4-5 Our traveler’s luck held out once again and our entire trip – both in Genoa and next in France – served up beautiful sunny temperate weather.  Unfortunately, the previous day’s strolls and luthier visits were pretty much the last time I would see the Italian sun…for I was ostensibly in Genoa to […]

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Matching Grant Summer Fund Drive

June 21 to September 21, 2015 Help us reach $10,000 to earn $20,000! Dear Friends, Once again, our friend and patron Ed Littlefield Jr. has graciously offered to match whatever funds the Harp Guitar Foundation can raise.  This is a great opportunity, folks!  If we can come up with $5,000 – Ed’s offer will magically […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Genoa Part 2

Genoa, Day 3 afternoon After my Monday morning visit to Gianmaria’s lutherie shop, Jaci and translator Chiara joined Franco, Luca and I to visit luthier Antonello Saccu.  I never miss an opportunity to visit him and see his current stash of treasures. I knew that Antonello frequented the local flea markets every weekend, but this […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Genoa Part 1

Genoa, Days 1-3 After our not-altogether-uncomfortable flight from L.A. to Paris and amazingly easy transfer to the outlying terminal, we found ourselves on the short flight to Genoa.  Upon announcing our descent, I glanced out the window and was treated to a bird’s eye view of the fantasyland Portofino, where we spent such a lovely […]

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Harp Guitar Working Vacation: Prologue

OK, I’m back and ready to begin the journal of my “working vacation” or “How I Spent My Summer Vacation on a Series of Harp Guitar-Related Adventures, and Boy, Do I Owe Jaci!” This was a tricky one to schedule, but it worked out well, discounting the jet lag. The meticulously orchestrated plan was to […]

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New Nylon LaBella Sub-Bass Sets

New LaBella harp guitar sub-bass sets are ready! As I mentioned in last month’s New Strings blog, I hoped to commission some new custom nylon sub-bass gauges to fill in some missing gaps. I’m happy to report that LaBella came through quickly, and I next immediately had them tension tested at Silva Labs (Steve’s garage). […]

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