Belgium, Part 3

We really enjoyed our short stay in Brugge (see the last two blog entries), but it was now time for: Brussels: …where the #1 tourist destination is of course: Ben’s shop! The king in his castle. Above the shop is his home, a great layout!  On floor 2 (of 4) I was treated to dozens […]

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Belgium, Part 2

Continuing yesterday’s blog…when we were last seen taking a lovely ride through the canals of Brugge. St. Janshospitaal We later explored as much of the canals as we could by foot. We could easily envision a life having a backyard on the water… …with a place for the dogs even! We continued to haphazardly stroll, […]

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Belgium, 2007

In preparing the last two articles on the fascinating harp guitars at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum that I got to experience “close up and personal” in 2007, I stumbled upon my photo journal of that remarkable trip.  This is now almost ten year old news, and so took place before I started this blog […]

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Harp Guitars in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum, Part 2

Last week I took you behind the scenes at the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum as Benoit Meulle-Stef (Ben) and I got up close and personal with their amazing “harpe-gitarre” in 2007. There were two other fascinating off-exhibit harp guitars that I was keen on inspecting and the staff obliged us with those as well. Like […]

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Harp Guitars in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum, Part 1

A couple weeks ago, Alex Timmerman (who incidentally is one of the very few serious harp guitar historians) posted the photo at right on his Facebook page and it reminded me of an important and long-delinquent article on my “To-Do” list! If this remarkable-looking instrument looks familiar, it may be because it was the very […]

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Guitarp Number 4!

Following his special appearance at the 13th Harp Guitar Gathering last October, the uber-talented Phil deGruy disclosed the news that he was having a new iteration built of his invention the Guitarp.  The special luthier he found was Vince Guidroz, “a humble man whose name is hard to find on the web, biz cards, etc.” […]

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The Oklahoma Cowboy Band

This is a fun one! My friend Joe Morgan spotted the intriguing cover of this book one day…The Oklahoma Cowboy Band, from 2008, one in the increasingly fascinating “Images of America” series. Who were they?  And what was a Gibson harp guitar doing in a Country and Western group?! The latter question is never addressed […]

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Eine Kleine Harpguitarmusik

OK, that was a terrible pun, but I’m giddy because I had way too much fun with luthier Steve Klein this week.  I had never met the legendary luthier, but had extended an invitation through mutual friend Adam Werner when he said Steve was interested in visiting the Miner Museum.  That was during NAMM weekend […]

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Knutsen’s Slippers

Slipper guitar, that is. I surreptitiously snagged this off eBay last September – a rare Chris Knutsen advertising circular!  It’s a single-sided flyer measuring ~10 by 13” that we can date to c.1900-1902 from Knutsen’s address printed on it: 1001 J. Street South, Tacoma, Wash. Its unusual title announces “The Symphony Harp and Slipper Guitar.” […]

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Secrets of Taraffo

I’m pleased to announce “Secrets of Taraffo” – a new half hour documentary on the unsurpassed Genoese harp guitarist Pasquale Taraffo!  This was a labor of love for my friend Franco Ghisalberti and me – and finally completed with funding from Franco and The Harp Guitar Foundation.  If you’ve made a donation, please pat yourself […]

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